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How to equip Pal skins in Palworld

Let's play dress up.

Equipping skins for your Pals in Palworld is a fun way to personalize them and make them look even more adorable – or simply cooler. Let’s go over how it works.

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How to build the Pal Dressing Facility in Palworld

To change and equip Pal skins in Palworld, you’ll need the Pal Dressing Facility. Thankfully for most of us out there – this building unlocks at level one. That’s right, you’ll likely have it automatically unlocked and ready to go.

Pal Dressing Facility Palworld
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You’ll find the Pal Dressing Facility in the Pal building menu, and it can be built for only:

  • 50 Wood
  • 20 Stone
  • 30 Fiber

Pocketpair really didn’t want to gatekeep the Pal skins from players.

With the Pal Dressing Facility built, you’ll be able to equip Pal skins!

How to change Pal skins in Palworld

To equip a Pal skin in Palworld, you’ll need to navigate the clunky skin system.

Interact with the Pal Dressing Facility and click on the Pal species that you want to equip a skin for. In that menu, select the Pal skin you want to equip. Then, select all the Pals that you want to wear that skin in the Palbox menu that will appear.

You will need to go through this process for every skin you want equipped. Unlocking one skin will allow you to use it unlimitedly for all the Pals you have, so go nuts.

To remove a Pal skin, interact with the Pal Dressing Facility and select “Delete Skin,” at the top. You’ll be taken to the Palbox and you can select all the Pals that have a skin equipped to remove it.

You’ll look like the coolest Pal tamer at the arena.

How to get more Pal skins in Palworld

Currently, there is only one Pal skin: Sunglasses Cattiva, and this is unlocked by default for all players. This may be disappointing, but there is more to come.

Cattiva Sunglasses Palworld
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Pocketpair has suggested that you’ll be able to unlock more skins as more get added.

The description of the Pal Dressing Facility mentions that it allows you to apply skins “obtained inside and outside the game,” which could mean two things. Either Pocketpair will implement skins that they sell for real money, or they are anticipating modders adding more skins into the game.

Considering what kind of developers Pocketpair are, I suspect the latter scenario to be more realistic.

Now that you know how to customize your Pals, all you gotta do now is try not to break your wrist equipping them all. Whilst you wait for more skins to get added, why not see all the latest Pals that might get skin treatment?

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