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In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you’ll spend a lot of your time exploring brutal environments all by your lonesome. You can summon allies to help you, though. They gain strength as you level up your bond with them, but it takes a while unless you use the uncommon Cup of Cordiality item. Here is our guide on how to farm the Cup of Cordiality in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Wo Long – How to farm the Cup of Cordiality

You’ll likely find a few Cup of Cordiality items by accident if you spend enough time roaming the world. However, there is one area where it reliably appears. You can use that fact to get another cup every few minutes, which isn’t bad considering how long it takes otherwise.

To farm Cup of Cordiality in Wo Long, travel to The Uninhibited Heart sub battlefield from a battle flag. This sub battlefield is available in Part 5 of the campaign after you clear Puyang. The sub battlefield includes a small portion of the overall stage, so you should be able to zip through it in a hurry. It’s best if your character is at level 62 or above.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty The Uninhibited Heart Battle Flag Before Ladder

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From the entrance area, head forward along the bridge and then travel left ahead of the alley. Climb some wooden scaffolding to reach a rooftop. Kill the guard with a fatal blow from behind, then use a fatal blow to take out the man at ground level. Skirt the base of that building to find a marking flag to the left. Then head back to the right and continue in that direction. Watch the wall for an opening leading left. Pass through that opening and cross the street. Climb over some rubble, through a gap in the wall. Raise the sub battlefield’s second and final battle flag.

Near the battle flag, a ladder descends to an underground area. In the underground area, in one of a few possible locations, you will find the Cup of Cordiality. Start your exploration by descending the set of two ladders. Head sharply right before dropping to the lowest level, however. Proceed past the narrow opening that descends to your left. In this direction, you can find and plant a second marking flag. Then, return to the opening you passed a moment ago. Descend slowly to surprise a wizard and a snake creature. You should be able to easily kill them without either one detecting you.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty The Uninhibited Heart Cup Of Cordiality

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The snake creature guarded a higher opening in the wall. Climb through the opening to reach a platform guarded by two enemies. Defeat them and check along the walls. You’ll find you can climb to reach a higher platform. Directly ahead of you, a glowing point may be the Cup of Cordiality. If not, it will be a Genuine Qi Crystal. Grab the loot, then climb to a higher ledge. There, you find either the man you came to the sub battlefield to locate, or a Large Genuine Qi Clot.

If the man is not waiting on that upper ledge, you must continue through the dungeon to find him at the end of one of a few passageways. In that case, simply descend to the lowest level and continue through the tunnels. Past two more wizards roaming the muck, you’ll reach an open chamber with passages branching off to the sides. Wizards have the high ground. A bunch of snake creatures patrol the lower area. Rush past them and climb some debris to reach a low ledge with a glowing point resting on it. Through the next opening, search the intertwining few passageways in all directions. The nobleman and the Cup of Cordiality wait at the end of one of them.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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