How to farm the Vile Apothecary Heart in Diablo 4

How to farm the Vile Apothecary Heart in Diablo 4
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Since you’re in  Season 1 of Diablo 4, you’ve probably experienced some of the new features like the Malignant Hearts. These hearts are important because they are a part of your Seasonal Character’s build. They benefit certain aspects of your hero stats such as offensive and defensive power. In other words, they are quite important and it’s a good idea to seek them out. However, like many items in Diablo 4, there are a handful of these hearts that are rarer than others. The following heart seems to be rather rare. For this guide, you’ll learn how to farm the ultra-rare Vile Apothecary Heart in Diablo 4. If you’re using a Rogue, consider following this guide, you could make things a lot more interesting. 

Diablo 4: How to farm the Vile Apothecary Heart

The first thing to take away from this guide is that this heart is a Wrathful Heart, which is rare on its own. The second thing is that you must be playing on World Tier 4 to have a chance of running into it.  There are a few ways to come across these elusive items but investing your Smourlding Ashes in the Urn of Malignace seems to be the best way. This way you can raise the chance of getting a Vile Apothecary Heart faster. The more you invest in the urn, the higher the chance. It’s a really good idea to start there. 

Another way is by doing the Malignant Tunnels which are new for the season. Elites in these dungeons have a good chance of dropping the heart, so try this method as well. However, I recommend investing in the Urn Of Malignace before doing these tunnels. The good thing about the tunnels is that if you don’t get it on your first run, you can reset the dungeon itself, and do it all over again.

Unlike the most rare items in Diablo 4 which drop at random moments, the Vile Apothecary Hearts spawns in specific areas. So when you focus your search, the chance rises of finding these hearts. 

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