How To Feed Piko In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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How to feed Piko in FF7 Rebirth

Piko needs his food to feel healthy again!

During chapter 8 of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, one of the main objectives is to feed Greens to Piko three times to get him healthy again. There are a total of six locations that have Greens within the area and this guide will show each.

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: How to feed Piko

While players can find six Greens in Corel Prison for Piko, it’s only mandatory to find three to progress the main quest. In other words, you can choose three out of the six below (whichever you find easiest). Here are all Green locations so you can feed Piko in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Piko feed location #1: Stalkers

Piko Feed Location #1 Ff7 Rebirth
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The first Greens for Piko can be found on the eastern side of the prison and north of the Queen’s Blood players. To the left of the building with the Queen’s Blood players, you will find a group of Stalkers hanging around. Speak to the Stalkers and then continue to the right through the alley until you find a small gap in the fence.

How to feed Piko in FF7 Rebirth
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Collecting the Green requires the player to defeat a wave of Stalkers on the opposite side of the fence. Don’t worry, this is a very simple fight.

Piko feed location #2: Desert Rush

How to feed Piko in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guide
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Another Green for Piko can be found by participating in the Desert Rush minigame on the western side of the map. You can find its exact location in the image attached. You will know you’re at the right place when you notice a large sign that says “Desert Rush.”

Feeding Piko in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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The minigame consists of destroying boxes in a small arena, which you must do as quickly as possible to reach a high score and earn the Greens for Piko. You can attempt this as many times as you’d like until you earn the Greens.

Piko feed location #3: Swindling Seminar

Feeding Piko in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Chapter 8
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Players can find a third Green for Piko at the Swindling Seminar. This Seminar can be found in the southeastern part of the area and you’ll know you’re getting close when you hear a guy giving a speech to a group of people. Interact with the guy to activate a minigame where you must pick who is “telling the truth” from a group of people. Listen to each person’s dialogue to receive a map with numbers on it.

Finding food for Piko in Final Fantasy7 Rebirth
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Next, you must head to the locations of the numbers on the map to figure out who is telling the truth. Listen to what each person tells you carefully and compare that info to what you see at the numbered locations.

Piko feed location #4: Cactuar

Piko Feed Location In Ff7 Rebirth
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Inside the bar next to the Community Board in the central part of the prison, speak to the bartender to begin your quest toward another Green for Piko. After talking to the bartender, follow the blue waypoint to a gate that leads to a cave. Your objective is to complete a minigame of finding a small Cactuar.

After finding the small Cactuar enough times, you will have to fight a group of Cactuars. I struggled a good amount during this fight as they are way harder than they seem, so I recommend keeping your distance and using spells as much as possible while continuously dodging. After you defeat the group of Cactuar, they will drop Green for Piko.

Piko feed location #5: Beast’s Battleground

How to feed Piko in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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The next Green for Piko can be found on the southeastern side of the map, where you will find a large Silo with a ladder going into the ground.

Beast Battleground Location Corel Prison
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Take the ladder to the bottom floor to reach the Beast’s Battleground and speak to the man at the end of the tunnel to join the Sylkis Cup. Complete all three rounds of the Sylkis Cup to earn the Green for Piko.

Piko feed location #6: Queen’s Blood

Queensblood Location In Corel Prison
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The final Greens for Piko can be found at the Queen’s Blood player’s location. Your objective is pretty straightforward as all you need to do is defeat all three Queen’s Blood players in a game of Queen’s Blood.

How to get food for Piko in FF7 Rebirth
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If you aren’t very good at the card game, then I would recommend completing the other methods mentioned earlier to earn Greens for Piko instead.

Once you collect three Greens for Piko, make your way back to his location and hand them over. You can now continue with the main quest and progress further in the story.

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