How To Find And Destroy Void Fragments In The First Descendant
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How to find and destroy Void Fragments in The First Descendant

You need the right tool for the job.

Since The First Descendant is a looter shooter, you’re going to gather tons of resources like Kuiper Shards which can be straightforward. However, Void Fragments are another important resource to collect. To learn how to find and destroy these Void Fragments in The First Descendant, it might be a good idea to read this guide.

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The First Descendant: How to find and destroy Void Fragments

Locating these shards isn’t the hard part. They are scattered around the world, so finding one can come with ease. In some cases, they are part of questlines. But, on the other hand, destroying them isn’t as clear-cut.

To make things easier to understand, you need the appropriate Descendant to destroy Void Fragments. For example, if you have Bunny or Ultimate Bunny, you can destroy specifically Electric Void Fragments.

Bunny In The First Descendant
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If you’re unsure of what type of Void Fragment you’re interacting with, bring up your map and hover over the fragment. In the card that comes up, it should say what type of Skills can be used on the shard. It’ll be above the Main Rewards section.

Once you find that information and you have the appropriate Descendant, you can start attacking it using those specifics. So, going back to Bunny, you’d need to use the Electric Skills

How to destroy the Void Fragments 

As soon as you hit the Void Fragment with the right Descendant, a health bar will appear. There should be two gauges with two different colors. One white, and the other, red. Taking down the Void Fragment is done in two parts.

The first section is after you bring down the white bar. Upon taking out the shield, enemies will spawn around you. Take care of them, then go back to attacking the fragment. When the red gauge is depleted, you’ll trigger another wave of stronger enemies. Just like before, defeat them all, and head back to the fragment to clear it once and for all. 

The First Descendant Rank Up Mastery
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When the Void Fragment is destroyed, you can collect all the rewards associated with it. Again, you can check the card to see what you’ll get out of it. 

Why do I need Void Fragments?

Destroying the fragments gives you Void Shards that can be placed in Void Fusion Reactors for the Void Fusion Reactor missions. To complete these missions, you need to deposit a certain amount of shards in the reactors.

Each mission seems to have different quotas for how much they need. To find that out, interact with Void Fusion Reactor and the card will highlight what type of shard it needs. Knowing what type of Void Shards and Fragments you need gets easier once you start unlocking all the Descedants in The First Descendant.

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