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How to find and ride the Lightning Guitar Mythic in Fortnite

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With Metallica jumping into Fortnite, it wouldn’t be a proper introduction without some heavy riffs. To do this, you kind of have to know how to find and ride the Mythic Lightning Guitar in Fortnite. 

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Fortnite: How to find and ride the Lightning Guitar Mythic 

On top of the Spray Challenge where you spray images of Metallica concerts, you can also find these guitars around the map of Fortnite. However, since they’re in the Mythic tier of Fortnite, locating them is a task. The good news for you is that I’ll help you spot all the areas where the Lighting Guitars spawn. Additionally, you may also my new favorite weapon in Fortnite, the Tow Hook Cannon. 

First, there are at least eight locations where the guitars can be looted. However, you can also find one from a fallen player. They might do all the work for you. 

So, to help you hone in on your search, look in the following areas:

  1. At the top of Restored Reels.
  2. In the Scrying Pool of Mount Olympus.
  3. At the front of Brutal Beachhead.
  4. Near Cliffside Ridge. This one might be hard to find, just make sure you’re going north from Redline Ridge.
  5. In a water fountain at Reckless Railways.
  6. Inside Lavish Lair.
  7. At the northern part of the Nitrodome arena.
  8. Behind the Grand Glacier Hotel.
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However, while you go searching in these areas, a Metallica Loot Island should appear. Like the normal Loot Island, you head to it and get a bunch of high-end gear, including the guitars. Be careful when you approach this area. Other players might be there as well since it’s a honey pot for combat. 

How to use the Lighting Guitars

These guitars are similar to the Wings of Icarus where you can attack players sending them upwards. To truly Ride the Lighting, you can also attack downwards with this Mythic since it allows one to fly. I’ve seen many players in my limited time using the guitars as an escape route when things get too dicey. Consider using the same strategy when playing. If you die, you’ll sadly lose the guitars. 

Note, that each time you use the guitar to fly out, there is a cool-down time. So, make sure you’re using it strategically.

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If you want more of a challenge than finding the Lighting Guitar Mythic, you should try getting the Expert Mode Trophies in LEGO Fortnite.

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