How to find and use a Self-Revive box in Warzone 2 DMZ

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For Season 5 of Warzone 2 DMZ, Activision introduced a slate of new things such as disguises for missions and weapons. Just like seasons that came before, many new items are tied to the game Battle Pass. However, the following item can only be found in-game. For this guide, we’ll go over the latest addition to Warzone 2 DMZ which is to find and use the Self-Revive box field upgrade. You could revive yourself in the past in many ways such as the Revive Pistol, but it seemed to have broken the game according to veteran players. With Self-Revive returning in a different form, you should read this guide. Having that second wind could help you win the match. 

Warzone 2 DMZ: How to find and use a Self-Revive box

The Self-Revive kit in Warzone 2 DMZ is just as rare as finding the Shadow Company laptops. Players have reported checking out the popular POIs such as hospitals and Strongholds could help land the field upgrade quickly. Additionally, while chances may be low, try searching Medical Cabinets in the Medical Yents scattered throughout each map. Another spot to search would be areas where other field upgrades can be found like Supply Crates

There are many locations that the Self-Revive kit could pop up in, but first, try the more dangerous spots. You may face resistance from both AI and players, however, the upside is there will be high-tier loot in these areas. 

How to use the Self-Revive kit

Since the Self-Revive kit is a field upgrade, it’ll go into your Field Upgrade slot if it’s not used. It also acts the same way as other field upgrades such as the Armor Box. Once you have the Self-Revive kit equipped, place it in front of you on the ground. If you’re with a squad, each member can interact with the kit and take 1 Self-Revive box. 

Note, you can only have 1 Self-Revive box on you. When you take another one, it’ll go into your inventory, so you can be revived again. 

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