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How to find and use exits in Dark and Darker

How do you escape the dungeons?

In Dark and Darker, the only way you’ll get better loot is by smuggling out gear and valuables from the dungeons, but that means you need to leave alive. Here is everything you need to know about exits in Dark and Darker.

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All exits in Dark and Darker and how to use them

There are five different types of exit in Dark and Darker, and you’ll need to know how to use them all, and when they become available. As each of these varies and potentially changes from map to map, make sure to make a note of these mechanics.

Each of the following escapes (apart from the portal) will always appear on the map as a blue symbol. This means that you’ll easily know where they are as long as you keep an eye on your minimap as you explore. Each icon looks how you’d expect them to look, so don’t worry about getting them confused.

Stair escape in Dark and Darker

The stair escape is the simplest escape in Dark and Darker, and is present on every map so far.

Dark And Darker Stair Escape
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The stairs will be blocked off by a gate until the latter half of the match, where at a random point, the gate will open and the adjacent torches will burn a bright blue.

This exit can only be used once by one player, so make sure to get there first. If you wait too long, you might find these exits have all been used up.

Upon your running through, the gate will close behind you, and you’ll have extracted.

Rope escape in Dark and Darker

The rope escape is a riskier escape in Dark and Darker and is present on every map.

These will activate toward the end of the match, where you’ll be able to interact with them to ascend.

It is one use only, although beware that other players and NPCs can still hit you whilst you’re ascending, so make sure to be alone when you’re using the rope to escape.

Upon ascending all the way up, you’ll have extracted.

Lift escape in Dark and Darker

The lift escape is a group escape in Dark and Darker that does vary from map to map.

When the lift activates, it will either descend from the ceiling or will have the gate blocking it open up. It will lift up all that can fit on it, making it great for teams. This also extends to enemies, however, so make sure they don’t get on board!

The lift in the Goblin Caves will keep lowering and rising throughout the map to escort players to safety, whilst other lifts will randomly activate in the latter half of the match.

Upon ascending up on the lift, you’ll have extracted.

Raft escape in Dark and Darker

The raft escape is a unique escape in Dark and Darker that only spawns in the Frost Mountains map.

Dark And Darker Raft
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This escape will spawn throughout the match and will travel the glacial lake throughout the Cabin. It will escort as many as can fit on it out of the dungeon, although you’ll still be vulnerable whilst traveling.

The raft is the earliest to become available by far, making it great for newer players to escape with whatever they can find.

Portal escape in Dark and Darker

Each map has portals that don’t show up on the minimap at all, making them pretty hard to find.

Portals will rise from circular stone patterns on the floor that are scattered around the maps, and they’ll activate at the latter end of the match.

You’ll have to interact with the portal totem to open a portal, which is one-use. Each totem can handle three portals, and they need to be opened individually.

Now that you know how to get out of the dungeons in Dark and Darker with all your loot, you can finally head back to craft up some weapons.

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