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How to find resources and are they renewable in Infection Free Zone?

Dismantling the old world for the new one.

Resources in Infection Free Zone are hard to come by – and everyone will soon wonder whether they are finite or renewable. There are a lot of resources to cover, so let’s get started.

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Are resources renewable or finite in Infection Free Zone?

Most of the resources can be made in Infection Free Zone, from weapons, to tools, to food. However, there are three resources that can’t be made that you’ll need for pretty much everything – wood, metal, and bricks.

These resources can be gained from the map, but there is no way to make them, so many players will be stressed over the finite nature of these resources.

Infection Free Zone Gathering Wood
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Trees, metal objects, and rubble piles don’t grow back, meaning whatever your citizens scavenge are a finite resource. However, abandoned buildings that you deconstruct do seem to appear again after a while once booting up a save, provided you haven’t built over it.

Deconstructing buildings will net you wood, metal, and bricks, so deconstructing the abandoned buildings in your area is a way to gain those resources infinitely. I haven’t encountered this, however, a huge portion of players have.

Developers have answered players’ questions regarding the finite nature of trees, saying that a Forester’s Hut will be available in Early Access, and “maybe even more before that,” so there is hope that there will be a way to reliably produce each of those core resources infinitely, making them renewable.

But currently, they are finite, unless your abandoned buildings pop up again.

How to get Wood, Metal, and Bricks in Infection Free Zone

These core resources, wood, metal, and bricks, are used in every build and in production chains.

These resources can be gained in two ways. From deconstructing buildings, and from making you citizens gather for them.

To deconstruct a building, select an abandoned building and click the button on the lower right. you’ll be told how much of each resource you’ll gain. You’ll need to employ builders to the deconstruction, and they’ll slowly harvest those resources.

Infection Free Zone Deconstruction
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Alternatively, you can use the “Area Works” menu to assign an area to be used for gathering wood from trees, metal from lampposts and car wreckages, and bricks from piles of rubble.

Select the resource you want to gather, and then click and hold to set the area you want your citizens to gather in. Objects that can be harvested will be highlighted in blue, and in the bottom corner, you’ll be told how many can work in that zone and how much of that resource you’ll gain.

Assigned gatherers will work to dismantle and cut down trees and will haul them to the closest storage building for use.

How to get Food in Infection Free Zone

Food is needed every day to feed and heal your citizens. Without it, they’ll starve. Thankfully, there are a few measures you can take to make food in Infection Free Zone.

Canned food can be scavenged from abandoned buildings and brought back by your squads. Restaurants and shops will have tons of canned food for you to scavenge. Canned food can also be made once you’ve researched and unlocked the Cannery.

Infection Free Zone Food
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The Cannery will convert food rations into canned food, which will last you through the winter, so it’ll be wise to stock up on canned foods when winter is approaching. You’ll only be able to scavenge so much canned food before you produce it yourself.

Food rations require more effort and resources to make, but they’ll make your citizens happy. You can make food rations in a Cookhouse. Doing so will require bags of grain and raw meat that you produce elsewhere. It requires wood to do this.

Bags of grain are produced from Fields slowly over time, so it’ll be a good idea to build lots of fields to feed your people. You can also find these in Agricultural Buildings, just look for a barn or crop icon over buildings.

Raw meat is produced from the Barn, which uses livestock your citizens will care for.

How to get Tools in Infection Free Zone

Tools are needed for advanced farming processes, so you’ll need plenty.

Infection Free Zone Tools
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Tools can be scavenged from abandoned buildings – look for buildings with the tool symbol above them when entering the scavenge view (V).

You can produce tools from the Tool Factory, using metal and wood.

How to get Ammo and Weapons in Infection Free Zone

Weapons, such as Pistols, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and ammunition, can be scavenged and created in Infection Free Zone.

Infection Free Zone Weapons
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To reliably look for weapons and ammo, search for Uniformed Services Facilities (identified by a badge) upon entering Scavenge View (V).

These can also be made at the Arms Factory, although are expensive and require lots of metal.

How to get Fuel in Infection Free Zone

Fuel is used for fueling any cars you drive around. It can be both found and created.

Infection Free Zone Fuel
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Fuel can be found in buildings with the fuel icon above it, in parking spaces or garages.

You can also make synthetic fuel in the Chemical Plant, using fertilizer.

How to get Fertilizer in Infection Free Zone

Fertilizer is needed for making fuel and improving the efficiency of Fields.

Infection Free Zone Agriculture
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Fertilizer can be found in Agricultural Buildings, with either a barn or crop icon above it.

You can make fertilizer in a Chemical Plant.

How to get First Aid Kits in Infection Free Zone

First aid kits are needed to heal your wounded, which you will have many as time goes on.

Infection Free Zone First Aid Kit
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First aid kits can be scavenged from medical practices, look for buildings with the first aid kit icon above them.

They can also be made in the Med Bay after researching Drugs Production.

How to get Science Materials in Infection Free Zone

Science materials are needed to research new buildings and productions – and to improve efficiency.

Infection Free Zone Science Building
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You can find science materials in any place of research or education – just look for buildings with the sciences materials icon above them.

Also, they will slowly be produced by a Research Center when no research is being done.

Try to beeline for your own production of these resources as soon as you can, otherwise, you’ll be underdeveloped when the infected really start to knock on your door.

Now you know everything about getting what you need to survive the apocalypse. But what use are all these resources without some citizens to spend them on?

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