How to find the all-purple planet in Starfield

Starfield Muphrid I Approach Closeup
Screenshot: Bethesda

Starfield features hundreds of planets for players to explore. In many cases, one of them looks a lot like the next one. Any rule has exceptions, though, and those exceptions can be quite memorable. There is, for instance, an all-purple planet. Now that you know it exists, you almost have to see it for yourself. Here is our guide telling you how to find the all-purple planet in Starfield.

Starfield – How to find the all-purple planet

Not every planet in Starfield has life, an atmosphere, or even the same amount of gravity. A lot of them are gray, comprised of crater-pocked fields and boulder-strewn hillsides. And, as it happens, one of them is all-purple. To find the all-purple planet, Muphrid I, make your way to the Muphrid system.

Starfield Muphrid System Location On Starmap

Screenshot: Bethesda

The Muphrid system is located not terribly far from Kryx and Cheyenne on the Starmap. It is a level-15 system, so you should be able to get there quite early in your adventure and even have a good chance at survival. Muphrid I has no flora, fauna, or water. It is a rock-type planet, with Inferno temperatures. That makes sense, as you’ll find it near the left side of the system’s star. Its dominant resource is Uranium, and you will also find Iridium.

Starfield Muphrid I Scanned

Screenshot: Bethesda

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If you visit Muphrid I, don’t expect much other than a close view of its oddly colored landscape. The planet exists close enough to civilization that you’ll likely find older structures and the same usual attractions you encounter on numerous other planets. It could be a good place to build an outpost if you want to mine the local resources. I did pick up some Lung Damage when I went too close to some escaping gases, but that happens everywhere I go. It’s my favorite ailment.

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