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How to find the Barracks in Dark and Darker

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To find the Barracks in Dark and Darker can be a task because everything changes. However, this guide will show you the best way to find the hidden location in Dark and Darker.

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Dark and Darker: How to find the Barracks

You’ll get this quest early from the Tavern Master, so completing it as soon as possible can be beneficial because you can also find one of the Old Tombs. However, the game is a roguelike and the layout of the dungeon changes every run. So, to know how to find the Barracks in Dark and Darker, you need to keep an eye out and use the map. 

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Location of the Barracks

To find the Barracks in the game, you have to look in the crypts. Even then, it seems that sometimes the barracks will not spawn at all. In that case, you may have to redo the run. But no matter what, the Barracks will spawn in random locations each time, making them harder to find. However, they do stand out quite a bit.

Most of the layout of the crypt is the same, and things do mesh with one another. If you’re close to the Barracks, it’ll pop out for a few reasons.  First, it’s the only thing that has a zig-zag shape. On top of that, it seems to only spawn on the outline of the map. Another good indicator to look out for is the word “SO” written going up and down. You can use the image below as a reference. 

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When you find it I highly suggest you head to it, explore the Barracks, and exit. There are usually tons of goodies that are worth your time. However, if the Barracks do spawn, go it as soon as you can. The Missing Map quest given by the Tavern Master won’t be completed if you don’t enter the Barracks. Additionally, be warned that if the Barracks do spawn, you might have to face Skeleton Champion.

If you fight the Skeleton Champion, having a good Druid build might help in Dark and Darker

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