How to find the bathhouse key spirit in Spirittea

How To Find The Bathhouse Key Spirit In Spirittea
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It’s tough working getting a spiritual bathhouse up and running. One of the first steps is finding the key and the spirit attached to it. Here’s how to find the bathhouse key spirit in Spirittea.

The bathhouse key spirit location guide

Upon visiting the mountain site where the bathhouse lies abandoned, Wonyan tells you he left the key with a spirit that is fond of sweet things. This means the two of you will have to track said spirit down to somewhere with sweet things.

Now, you’d be forgiven for assuming somewhere in the town map with sweet things was the coffee shop, as I did. There’s a pastry display visible inside, after all. But it’s actually not the coffee shop the game is hinting at. It’s the one other place with a reasonable amount of sweet things – the convenience store, which is where you will find the bathhouse key spirit in Spirittea.

If you’ve not been there since talking to everyone, the convenience store is directly up from the general store by the town street proper.

Upon entering, Wonyan instructs you to press the Enter key to enter spirit vision mode. After that, you’ll find not one, but two spirits staring at the store shelves filled with treats. Me too, spirits. Me too. Approach them and press E.

Bathhouse Key Spirit Caught Spirittea
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The spirits will then turn into a tiny car together and run away. Yep. You have to chase them down while holding left sprint and press E three times when close to successfully catch the spirits.

Bathhouse Key Spirit Chase Spirittea
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Successfully interacting with the car three times gets the spirits to stop driving away. They’ll remember who they are and give you the bathhouse key.

Bathhouse Key Spirits Spirittea
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Now you’ve found the bathhouse key spirit in Spirittea, or spirits as it turns out, and can proceed with Wonyan to reopen the bathhouse.

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