How to find the Dark Link set in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears Of The Kingdom Dark Link Guide

Dark Link is a fan-favorite character in the Zelda franchise. Frankly, that’s a bit weird to say since he’s never really had a proper appearance outside of Ocarina of Time‘s Water Temple. But it’s undeniable that he’s got a cool design, and it looks awesome in Tears of the Kingdom. So, here’s a quick guide for getting the Dark Link armor set in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom: How to get the Dark Link set

Unfortunately, there is no quick way to get the Dark Link set. Unlike other classic outfits, you can’t use an amiibo to unlock the pieces. Instead, you’ll have to head down to the depths and locate four Bargainer Statues to then buy the armor set with Poe Souls. If you’ve already explored a fair amount of the depths it shouldn’t be too tricky. But if you’ve yet to venture down there, you may have to look around for a while. Either way, use the map below for a guide on where each Bargainer Statue is.

Bargainer Statue Map

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Every time you find a new Bargainer Statue, a new piece of armor will get added to its trade list. The first one you can find at Lookout Landing will already have the Dark Tunic for 150 Poe Souls. Then once you’ve found two more statues, it’ll sell the Dark Trousers for 200 Poe Souls. Finally, after finding four statues, they’ll sell you the Dark Hood for 300 Poe Souls.

Dark Link Set

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The Dark Link set isn’t necessarily the best armor in Tears of the Kingdom. However, it does offer a useful bonus when worn at night. With all three pieces equipped, Link’s speed is increased. This is very useful for crossing certain parts of Hyrule quickly, and it can help you outrun enemies that might be chasing you. But since it looks so cool, you may not care about the stats that much. Just be warned that the price of fashion is steep, and you may see a few game overs if you aren’t prepared. For a stronger set of classic armor, check out the location of the Fierce Deity set.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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