How To Find The Hallowed Ruins In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree
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How to find the Hallowed Ruins in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Time for a scavenger hunt.

One of the quests in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree has you finding Hallowed Ruins based on a confusing map, so we’ll explain how to find this location. This quest stretches into a much larger one too, so be prepared for a long scavenger hunt!

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Elden Ring: Where to find Hallowed Ruins in Shadow of the Erdtree

Ymir Map
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This quest is comprised of three ruins you must discover, but for now, we’ll tackle the first one. You can begin this quest by speaking to Ymir in the Cathedral of Manus Metyr which is in the Scadu Altus region. Ymir will give you a Ruins Map and a Hole-Laden Necklace. Let’s figure out the first location since it’ll take a long journey to get there.

First Hallowed Ruins map location

The map directly points to the Finger Ruins of Rhia which is in the southeastern corner of your map. If you haven’t unlocked this area yet, you probably haven’t discovered the Cerulean Coast.

How to find the Cerulean Coast

How To Find The Hallowed Ruins In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Cerulean Coast
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Start at the Castle Front Site of Grace in front of Castle Ensis and travel southeast and further down the hill until you reach a poisonous swamp area. Curl northwest until you find a cave heading southwest.

Make it through the cave on Torrent until you find the Ellac River Cave Site of Grace. From there, travel south and do some parkouring on Torrent over rock formations. If you miss a jump, you’ll fall to your death. You’ll also pass a flock of birds, but run past those and keep heading south.

Reach the Ellac River Downstream Site of Grace and you’ll eventually make it near the Cereulan Coast. Run along the shallow river but turn right until you find a small entrance heading southwest which leads you to the Cerulean Coast Site of Grace.

How to find the Finger Ruins

How To Find The Hallowed Ruins In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Finger Ruins Map
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After arriving on the Cerulean Coast, you’re getting closer to the Finger Ruins. Follow the trail in the map above which takes you over a broken bridge heading northeast. This area sharply declines and if you slip you may fall to your death, so I recommend using Torrent to slowly make your way down onto the beach.

Pass by all the Fingercreepers scouring the beach until you make it to the entrance of the Finger Ruins of Rhia Site of Grace. Now comes the easy part, but there are still hazards along the way. Make your way down on Torrent into the ruins by avoiding any Fingercreepers and strange snake-like creatures that can throw spells that stun you.

How To Find The Hallowed Ruins In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Finger Ruins
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If you see them throw a pink blast at you, run away from it, as it can stun you for a few seconds. You’ll want to head to the Hanging Bell in the northern part of the ruins, you’ll notice it easily by its tall fingers surrounding a large bell. Once you arrive, hop off Torrent and walk up to the bell. Interact with it to sound the bell and you’ll receive a new Talisman:

  • Crimson Seed Talisman +1: Greatly boosts HP restoration from Flask of Crimson Tears.

Now you can teleport back to Ymir at the Cathedral to continue onto the next part of your scavenger hunt.

Second Hallowed Ruins map location

The next Hallowed Ruins map that Ymir gifts you tells you of a place you can find in the northeastern corner of your map. You should see a finger-shaped area just like the place shown on your second map here, which is in the Scaduview region. It’s not easily accessible unless you find a secret entrance in Shadow Keep, but I’ll explain how to unlock it.

How to find O Mother gesture

O Mother Map
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Before we venture into Shadow Keep to find the secret entrance to Scaduview, you’ll need to pick up the O Mother gesture. You can easily grab this in the northern part of the Bonny Village just southwest of Ymir’s Cathedral.

O Mother Gesture
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Find the Bonny Village Site of Grace, then you’ll want to travel northwards until you reach a tree with twisting branches. At the base of this tree is the O Mother gesture you’ll need to unlock the secret entrance.

How to get to Scaduview from Shadow Keep

The only way to find these next Hallowed Ruins is to find the secret entrance to Scaduview in Shadow Keep. First, you’ll want to start from the Storehouse, Loft Site of Grace.

If you haven’t explored Shadow Keep yet, you can find this area by starting from the Shadow Keep Main Gate Site of Grace, defeating the Golden Hippo boss, and then traversing up into the depths of Shadow Keep until you make it to the Storehouse. From its first floor, traverse higher up in the Storehouse until you find the Loft.

  • How To Find The Hallowed Ruins In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Ladder
  • How To Find The Hallowed Ruins In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Hole

Once there, you can head northwest until you see a ladder leading upwards. Climb up the ladder, then turn right and walk up a set of stairs. Keep to the eastern walls until you see a hole in the wall with a wooden walkway outside. Jump out onto the wooden walkway and continue along until you make it to the Storehouse, Back Section Site of Grace.

How To Find The Hallowed Ruins In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Ladder 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Discover it, then use the elevator. Once you reach your destination, you’ll want to exit left and then make it to the ladder across from you. Just run across the wooden beams and avoid the flying bats. Up this next ladder, keep traveling forward until you see the giant gear below.

Jump down, then jump down onto the next wooden beams. Finally, jump down once more onto the floor with the tables and shelves. Once here, you can exit the open archway and turn right to find another elevator.

How To Find The Hallowed Ruins In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Elevator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This one heads downwards, and once it stops you can walk down some stairs until you see one more elevator. Stand on the button and wait for it to lower to the bottom level. You can touch the Shadow Keep, Back Gate Site of Grace. Don’t walk forward through the large archway, instead turn right into the room with the statue of Marika.

O Mother Statue Scaduview
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This is where you’ll want to use the O Mother gesture. Set the gesture in your gesture menu (after picking up the Scadutree Fragment sitting on the statue), then wait for the statue to move, opening a secret entrance to Scaduview.

Finger Ruins of Dheo

Finger Ruins 2
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The rest of the journey isn’t too difficult besides the incredibly annoying snake creatures that’ll try to stun and eat you the closer you get to the hanging bell at the next Finger Ruins. Head east and avoid the two Tree Sentinals that’ll try to chase you, then continue over Hinterland Bridge and make it to the Fingerstone Hill Site of Grace.

You can head further south, avoiding waking up the sleeping creatures. Once you make it to the Finger Ruins of Dheo, you’ll have to keep watch of the grey snake creatures that’ll blast pink stun spells at you. They’re tough to dodge, and if you get hit a pink snake will be summoned to eat your face off.

Finger Ruins 2 Bell
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Just like the first Finger Ruins, find your way to the end where the hanging bell resides and sound the bell. You’ll receive a different Talisman this time:

  • Cerulean Seed Talisman +1: Greatly boosts FP restoration from Flask of Cerulean Tears.

Now you can teleport back to the Cathedral and speak to Ymir for your third and final map to another Hallowed Ruins, which we’ll explain how to find in this Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree guide.

Third Hallowed Ruins map location

Ymir Throne
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The third and final Hallowed Ruins map lies just beneath the Cathedral. To access these ruins, wait until you see Ymir not sitting at his throne anymore (you may have to pass time at a Site of Grace) and then interact with the throne. You’ll push a button, opening a secret entrance to the Finger Ruins of Miyr.

How To Find The Hallowed Ruins In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Night Anna
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you climb down the ladder, you’ll be met with a spectral version of Swordhand of Night Anna, a tough but not too difficult foe to vanquish. After defeating the Recusant, you’ll be rewarded with the Claws of Night weapon.

Ruins Of Miyr
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Continue along the pathway until you reach a hanging bell. Ring the bell, and you’ll be teleported to another area. This will begin a boss battle, so prepare yourself with any Spirit Ashes or buffs that you can get.

How to beat Metyr, Mother of Fingers

Metyr Pink Beam
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Metyr, Mother of Fingers is the creepy boss that lies within these ruins. She can crawl pretty fast and has both ranged and melee attacks at her disposal. If you see a pink beam charging from her head, prepare to dodge, as this pink beam will rapidly shoot in your direction.

She also likes to scramble towards you and slam downward, chipping away at a good chunk of your health. Prepare to dodge to the side at least three times as that’s often how many times she’ll perform this move. Also make sure to watch out for hitting her sides since she can crawl towards you, her fingers jamming into you in quick succession. You can avoid this by dodging backward.

Metyr Pink Explosion
Screenshot: PC Invasion

I recommend having a Spirit Ash such as your Mimic Tear take the aggro off of you. If you see an attack that lights up the ground beneath you with a pink hue, don’t worry about getting out of the way if you’re stuck in the middle. The damage will travel in a wave from Metyr outwards, so wait for it to come towards you and dodge or leap over the wave.

Metyr Exploding Bulbs
Screenshot: PC Invasion

During the last phase of the fight, Metyr has some wicked spells at her disposal that can summon exploding bulbs (their radius of damage isn’t too large). When she’s charging up spells, hit her from afar with spells/incantations or melee hit her. I found the most luck with the powerful Knight’s Lightning Spear incantation.

How to defeat Jolan and Ymir

Once you finally defeat Metyr, the quest isn’t fully complete just yet. Collect your reward (Remembrance of the Mother of Fingers), then teleport back to the Cathedral. Prepare for a less intense but still difficult double fight ahead, then interact with the empty throne one more time.

How To Find The Hallowed Ruins In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Night Jolan
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You’ll be invaded by Swordhand of Night Jolan, who isn’t too difficult to take down. She fights similarly to Anna, and she doesn’t have too much health either. Once Night Jolan is defeated, Count Ymir will appear for a final boss fight. This was much easier than fighting against Metyr, but you won’t be able to summon any Spirit Ashes.

How To Find The Hallowed Ruins In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Count Ymir
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Ymir will summon a few fingercreepers occasionally, but they’re low on health and can easily be discarded. Focus more on Ymir, as killing him will make all the summoned fingercreepers disappear. Ymir focuses on magic attacks and doesn’t have a ton of health despite his boss-type health bar. Defeat Ymir and you’ll receive a ton of items:

  • Ymir’s Bell Bearing
  • Maternal Staff
  • High Priest Hat
  • High Priest Robe
  • High Priest Gloves
  • High Priest Undergarments

How to continue Jolan’s quest

Iris Of Grace
Screenshot: PC Invasion

That’s it, you’re finally done Ymir’s quest! As a side note, you can continue a quest with Jolan if you wait at a Site of Grace and return to where Jolan typically stood in the Cathedral. She’ll now be lying on the ground against a pillar. Depending on if you have these two items, you can choose to either give her the Iris of Grace or the Iris of Occultation.

  • Iris of Grace: From the Storehouse, First Floor Site of Grace in Shadow Keep, turn left and head down the elevator. Turn down the right hall, then walk down the stairs and into the room on the left. You’ll find the Iris of Grace in this large room.
  • Iris of Occultation: Drops from a Lesser Ulcerated Spirit who spawns in the Sunken Chapel near Shadow Keep. Also drops from a Lesser Omenkiller in the Fort of Reprimand.

Giving Jolan the Iris of Occultation grants you the Sword of Night, but you can get something even better with the Iris of Grace, which is the Swordhand of Night Jolan Spirit Ash. You can use it on its own, or you can upgrade it and turn it into the Jolan and Anna Spirit Ash by following these steps:

  1. Head to the Hinterland Site of Grace (in Scaduview) and travel up the hill to the southeast and you’ll find the Shaman Village.
  2. At the edge of the village is Rabbath’s Rise tower down below, which you can reach by carefully jumping down steep rocks below (best to use Torrent here).
  3. Hop down onto the balcony of Rabbath’s Rise and interact with the puppet. Say yes to ushering Anna into the Swordhand of Knight Jolan’s Spirit Ashes.

Now you have an incredibly powerful Spirit Ash at your disposal and you figured out how to find all the Hallowed Ruins in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree! With that, Ymir and Jolan’s quests are at their ends, and you can continue onto something even greater. Maybe now you should check out the Scadutree Chalice.

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