How to fix Bruce’s shattered frame in Spirittea

How To Fix Bruce's Shattered Frame
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Among the first notices on the town board in Spirittea, Bruce is having trouble with a photo frame being repeatedly shattered in his house. Here’s how to fix Bruce’s shattered frame in Spirittea.

The shattered frame puzzle and how to fix it

Start off by finding Bruce to talk to him about it. At the working hours of the day, he should be easily found inside the school by the entrance. His full explanation for his dilemma is quite long-winded and sad, so be sure to keep pressing E on him to advance the dialogue.

The hint text tells you to look in his home while he’s at work. So really anywhere within typical school hours on a weekday – 9 am to 5 pm is a safe bet. Try his house. It’s the wooden one between the purple apartment complex and the red-roofed house in town.

If you’ve met the time criteria, you’ll see a spirit hovering next to the stairs.

How to fix Bruce's shattered frame Bruces House Spirit Spirittea
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This spirit is angry it has lost its home. Offer to give it a new home, at which point you will be instructed to find one. What you’re looking for is a broken-down shrine near the school.

Now you have to repair the shrine. Go to the general store and interact with the front desk, then navigate down to the repair kit and buy it for 300 moolags.

How to fix Bruce's shattered frame Repair Kit Spirttea
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Take it out to the shrine. You’ll have to interact with the shrine three separate times to fully repair it. This will take nine in-game hours in total, so budget your time appropriately or sleep between jobs.

When the shrine is repaired, return to the spirit in Bruce’s house to complete its quest. You never did learn to fix Bruce’s shattered frame, but at least you fixed a shrine. The spirit reveals itself as Fenias, a bearded froglike spirit. Now Bruce can exist in peace and you have another spirit to make money off of.

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