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How to fix environment won’t load (black background) bug in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)

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So many mobile Zenless Zone Zero players have been stuck with an unloaded background, showing a blank black void, when trying to play Zenless Zone Zero. Let’s go over how we can fix it.

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How to fix black screen bug in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)

Considering that so many players are experiencing this Zenless Zone Zero bug, it’s very safe to say that this is a miHoYo issue over a user issue. New launches of any title are bound to have issues as the servers get saturated by new players, putting strain on connections, and therefore rendering.

If you’re experiencing the environment not loading when you try to play the game, then consider the following options. Also, you may want to start with optimizing your settings.

Make sure your phone has the right specs

Before we fully dive into it being miHoYo’s problem, let’s make sure your phone can actually handle the game first. To do this, go to the Play Store or App Store and scroll down to find Zenless Zone Zero’s system requirements.

Go into your system’s settings to cross-reference the specifications.

If your phone has one or more components that don’t match, then you may be experiencing this issue due to hardware problems. Zenless Zone Zero is a huge game, and this will put a strain on your device.

If your phone is good to go, however, then check the next step.

Make sure your phone has enough spare storage space

Having enough free storage space allows your phone, and installed apps, to work properly. Without any breathing room, your performance will struggle.

Since Zenless Zone Zero is so large and demands a lot of storage space, you may find that you only just had enough. Make sure your remaining memory isn’t a critical amount — something your device should tell you if it is.

It may be worth deleting another app or any heavy videos just in case.

Once that’s dealt with, then there are only two things left to do.

Make sure your internet connection is working

Here it is, the obligatory “turn it off and on again” option in an error guide.

Restarting your device and Wi-Fi router will eliminate any sort of issue that could be caused by your own connection. Test out the Wi-Fi, and if it’s working, hop back into Zenless Zone Zero.

Likely, the problem will still persist, but you never know.

Simply wait for the servers to adjust

It’s release day, after all, so it’s likely that this bug is only from the Zenless Zone Zero servers struggling. In this case, we’ll just have to wait it out.

Unfortunately, this is all we can do. It will eventually get ironed out. For now, you’ll want to get to know all the Specialties.

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