Diablo 4 Open Betas Begin in March

As the Diablo 4 Early Access Open Beta goes live, players are running into all sorts of errors. Since the beta can act as a stress test ahead of the full release, you should expect some issues to pop up. From being plagued with connectivity issues to long queue times, the road to Hell seems to be bumpier than usual. If you’re getting hit with error code 397500 in the Diablo 4 Open Beta, read on to see if the suggested fixes can help this problem.

Diablo 4: What is the 397500 error code?

Like many of the other error codes that are coming up, there’s really no clear explanation as to why the error happens. Players have been reporting a myriad of reasons when they’ve been hit with it. Some get the error when they are kicked out of the game and are sent to the character selection screen. Other players have also been facing this right before they enter the world, so it kicks them out right to the title screen. Apparently, the error also comes up when making a clan. At the moment, no one can pinpoint exactly what is causing this.

So you may see the error code appear for various reasons.

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How to try to fix the error

Similar to the other error codes impacting the beta, there’s no fix at the moment that you can do. As mentioned before, the reason why it happens is unknown. Your best bet to fix error code 397500 could be restarting the Diablo 4 Beta, by completely shutting it down and closing the Battle.net launcher. According to some players, this seems to be the only temporary solution that should help to fix this problem. But note, when you do this, you’ll have to restart your wait in a pretty long queue.

Hopefully, as the weekend progresses, Blizzard will provide us with fixes that can make the beta run smoothly.

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