How To Fix Error Code Le 52 In Last Epoch(1)
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How to fix error code “LE-52” in Last Epoch

Not you again!

The “LE-52 error” in Last Epoch has returned to plagued players. However, if you use this guide, we can show how to fix the error code “LE-52” in Last Epoch. So, it’s a good idea to read the piece in full.

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Last Epoch: How to fix error code “LE-52 error”

Sadly, this isn’t the first time this error has come up. This means you can expect it to happen again in Last Epoch. Since the ARPG is a multiplayer game, the chance of it relapsing is quite high. However, it’s fixable and you might not have to wait which can’t be said about error codes like L-61 in Last Epoch

According to Eleventh Hour Games, the simplest way to get Last Epoch to work, is to restart, close the game, and restart Steam. Next, there might be a patch that you need to install after that’s done. Once you’ve shut done Steam boot it up again and then download the latest patch, Last Epoch should work after that.

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You may also use a VPN, but the responses are mixed. I wouldn’t recommend this step unless you know what you’re doing.

Why does this error code happen?

There’s no real answer that I could find. However, it seems to be impacted by a server glitch on the game’s side. By installing the patch, you fix the communications between you and Last Epoch’s server. On top of that, the aforementioned method could also fix the Online Play Unavailable error since that seems to be associated with server issues too. 

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Additionally, this error popped up during the launch as well when server capacity was overwhelmed. If you’ve used the steps above and you’re still being hit with the issue, you may be trying to play during peak hours. In that case, try getting back into Last Epoch during the evening or maybe even the early afternoon. However, if you’re trying to get your Last Epoch fix, opt to play it offline until things sort themselves out.

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