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How to fix Error Code LE:13 Game Login Failed in The First Descendant

LE:13, more like LE:AME.

If you’re getting the LE:13 game login failed error code for The First Descendant, it means you can’t boot up the game and play. There are a few fixes you can try to get back in.

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How to fix LE:13 Game Login Failed error

The first thing you should check if you’re receiving the LE:13 game login failed error message is The First Descendant X page. Here, they will list all the known issues, updates, and bugs they know about. It is also a good place to check comments. Here you can see who else may also be suffering from the same problem. I have often found the solution to a game issue in the comments of a Tweet.

The problem with LE:13 Game Login Failed error is almost always because the servers are down for one reason or another. It will usually be for maintenance. The best thing to do is simply check their Discord and wait for them to be back up. Be aware that once they come back up, there will most likely be an update waiting. So, check for that, too. You won’t be able to play the game until it is up to date.

Other things to check

The First Descendant le:13 cant login game error
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If the servers are definitely back up, and nobody else is complaining about this issue, then you may want to check a few of these other known problems. Any one of these could be the reason you are receiving the LE:13 Game Login Failed error in The First Descendant.

  • Check that your game is up to date and restart your device. On Console, simply completely close the game and reopen it to force an update check. On Steam, close the client and reopen. This will check your game for updates.
  • Ensure you’re connected to the internet with a steady and stable connection. If you’re too far away from your router, I suggest connecting with an ethernet cable or moving closer. Things like closed doors and large electronic equipment can disrupt the connection enough to receive the LE:13 error, which will cause your game login failed error.
  • Make sure your game is allowed through your firewall. If you have an antivirus active, disable it briefly and try to launch The First Descendant. If you can now log in without the error, this means your firewall is blocking the connection. You will have to make an exception for the game.

If you’re having trouble with stuttering or frame loss, check out our guide on the best settings for The First Descendant.

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