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If you are playing Starfield and have encountered the “failed to create save game” bug, let this guide help you not lose several hours of playtime. This particular bug will keep you from saving Starfield on your computer and can corrupt your save files. To prevent that from happening, here is your guide to fix the Starfield “failed to create save game” bug.

Note: While some Bethesda bugs are funny, others like the Eye of the Storm bug can keep you from progressing forward. If you’re struggling with any Starfield bugs, we’ll help you out.

All fixes to Starfield ‘Failed to create save game’ error

After researching all the successful fixes people have found on Reddit and Steam forums, here are the best ways to fix the Starfield “failed to create save game” error. Hopefully, Bethesda fixes this egregious error soon, but for now, we have to do a workaround. This fix is brought to us by Servinees on Reddit and multiple people said it works.

To prevent the “failed to create save game” error from happening, make sure you manually save every so often. This error occurs because of some flaw in the autosaves.

First, close out of Starfield. Then you need to find a folder that looks something like this: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Packages\BethesdaSoftworks.438957EDB7717_3275kfvn8vcwc\SystemAppData\wgs. Once you’ve located that, make a copy of the entire folder. We’ll use this folder to back up all your saves, but also it’ll be used just in case you mess something up and need to delete the copy.

Next, sort the entire folder by most recent and find your most recent save file. Then, start up Starfield. You’ll get a message that says “syncing data, we should be done soon.” When you get that message, cancel and the game will start normally.

Start a new game and get all the way through the intro and character creation. It doesn’t matter what you do for the character creator because we aren’t going to be using this file. After you’ve finished creating your character, manually save. While Starfield is still running, open the Starfield files folder and delete everything in the newest save folder but not the folder itself.

Copy and paste everything from your copy container.1 save folder into the manual save folder you just deleted everything from. Now, right-click Starfield from the menu bar and quit out of it. Don’t exit in-game because it’ll create a save.

Start the game up and cancel out of the “syncing data” message. Now, you should be able to load your most recent Starfield data without losing progress or encountering the “failed to create save game” error.

You have just successfully fixed the Starfield error! If this error ever happens again, you can come back to this guide and repeat these steps.

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