How to fix Gold Camo not unlocking in Modern Warfare 2

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While working through this year’s camo mastery grind, some players are encountering an irritating bug. At least on PC, the gold camouflage doesn’t seem to be unlockable. However, it’s easy enough to fix this bug with it just being a simple oversight on Infinity Ward’s end. Here’s how to fix gold camo not unlocking in Modern Warfare 2.

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How to fix Gold Camo not unlocking in Modern Warfare 2

Contrary to what you might think, there isn’t a known bug in the game that prevents gold camo from unlocking on any weapon. However, it can appear that way due to an oversight that mouse and keyboard players can encounter. Completing a gun’s base camo challenges does not unlock gold camo, but rather it unlocks the gold camo challenges. You then complete this challenge to unlock the gold camo on that weapon.

The problem that some PC players are having is that they can’t scroll across to see what the gold camo challenge is. To fix the gold camo seemingly not unlocking in MW2, all you have to do is use your arrow keys to see the gold camo challenge rather than your mouse.

Mw2 modern warfare 2 Gold Camo Not Unlocking How To Fix

Whilst hovering over the top right base camo challenge for any weapon press the right arrow key to see the gold camo challenge. Screenshot by PC Invasion.

It’s a silly oversight on Infinity Ward’s end that is probably caused by Call of Duty primarily being a console shooter. Pressing your right arrow key is comparable to pressing right on the D-Pad of a controller. Since controllers don’t have a comparable input to moving a mouse, Infinity Ward likely overlooked this being an issue.

Hopefully, this bug gets fixed in the near future. It’s causing unnecessary confusion with some players not even understanding how to unlock gold camo in the first place. Until then you can just use the arrow keys to solve the gold camo not unlocking in Modern Warfare 2.

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