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How to fix lag and grainy textures in The First Descendant

Trust me, you don't need glasses.

The First Descendant can be a beautiful game if you notice the details. However, the shooter can still have graphical and performance problems. One of them is the lag and grainy textures which we’ll show you how to fix in The First Descendant.

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The First Descendant: How to fix lag and grainy textures 

The First Descendant
Image: NEXON Games Co., Ltd

For shooters, The First Descendant can be graphically demanding which might result in issues such as lag appearing. Even if you have a powerful rig or the new consoles, there’s a huge chance of encountering problems.

Thankfully, unlike the Twitch drops not working, this issue might be worked out on your end. Below, I’ll go over some easy tips to have The First Descendant not act up on PC and console.

How to fix The First Descendant PC version lag and grainy textures

First, I highly suggest you use these graphical settings in The First Descendant to optimize the game on your system. However, play around with it and tweak based on what your computer can handle. But, the one thing you should try no matter how strong your computer is, is to adjust the contrast to at least five. This option should be in the Display section

Next, exit the game and hit the window key plus the R key. This will pop up a search bar. Input %appdata% and hit enter. When you’re in the AppData folder, look for Local and then find the following address: [/b]C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\M1\Saved\Config\Windows.

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This will lead you to a file called engine.ini. Open this file via text editor. Once you’re in the editor and able to add text, scroll down to the end, and input the following. I recommend copying and pasting this script into the text editor to save time.  


















When that’s done, save and exit. Adding these manual prompts should help your game run smoother and it won’t mess anything up.

How to fix The First Descendant consoles’ lag and grainy textures 

On the console side, there’s very little you can do to fix the grainy texture problems if that’s happening to you. However, for PS5 users, you can try to create and join a private lobby. But do this before selecting a District to join.

This should fix the lag problem. If you’re having grainy textures, download the PS4 version of the game. It’s lower on the resolution side, but the game should look and run smoother with these adjustments.

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If you’re playing on the Xbox Series X/S or the Xbox One, try the aforementioned method of creating a private lobby to get rid of the lag. However, for the grainy textures, it seems to be more of a challenge.

When you’re playing on the Xbox Series X/S, the console will usually install the newer version of the game. This forces the game to have issues. So, since there doesn’t seem to be the Xbox One version on the newer console like there was for the PS5, you may have to wait for a patch

On the other, if you’re playing on an Xbox One, you may not face any issues akin to playing the PS4 version of The First Descendant. To remove the grainy textures, this seems the best course of action for now.

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