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How to fix login server error 401 in Once Human

Locked out.

If you’re trying to log into your chosen server on Once Human and you receive the Login Server error 401, you’ll need a fix. This quick read will help you diagnose exactly what the problem is and have you playing in no time.

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Login server error 401 causes and fix

So, if you’re loading into Only Human and getting this login server error 401 message while trying to boot into the game, it is usually because the servers are full. This error code could also be caused by a fault on the servers, so there are a few ways to check the reason and work around it.

Try another server in Once Human

Once Human has a lot of servers, meaning you can play with your friends or not. However, each of them has a server limit, which can reach capacity. If a Once Human server is full, you will receive the login server error 401 code. Try to join the game again, it will put you in a queue for the server.

However, if this is still not working, you may have to try another server. Sadly, a lot of progress is locked to your original server, so I would suggest trying to get into the queue rather than jumping into a different server.

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You may not be playing with your squad or friends if you choose another server. In this case, just wait a while until space frees up and try to join them again. Hopefully, you will be able to join their Once Human server without the login server error 401 messages popping up.

Servers are down

In this case, the Once Human servers may be down for the count. This can happen when updates are being rolled out or they are simply overloaded. The best thing to do in this case is to check their Twitter or Discord for planned maintenance. If nothing else, you will be able to lament the login server error 401 issues with other Once Human players.

Ensure you have connection to the internet

If your connection is a little spotty, you may receive the login server error 401 message in Once Human. In this case, improve your connection.

If you’re playing on mobile, get somewhere with reliable reception or connect to wifi. If you’re playing on PC, make sure there are as few obstructions between you and the router as possible. Honestly, I would always recommend an ethernet cable if possible.

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