How to fix long server queue times in Party Animals

How to fix long queue times in servers - Party Animals
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Party Animals is upon us and is a welcome addition to the multiplayer party genre. The title’s cutesy graphics and gameplay have attracted players in droves. After all, who doesn’t want to beat their animal buddies to a pulp with a lollypop? At the time of writing, over 60,000 players are trying to play on Steam alone. Unfortunately, that can cause big problems.

How to fix long queue times in servers – Party Animals

Launch day is a big event for any new indie title. Unfortunately, many players are either stuck in queues or getting a full-screen prompt that says, “Server overloaded, please try later.” The good news is your game and connection aren’t the problem. The bad news is this issue is something completely out of your control.

Servers overloading is an issue that plagues many titles at launch. Even AAA releases sometimes get it wrong on day one, and there’s a chance that Party Animals has more players at launch than expected. We’re at the mercy of the servers for this issue, and the only thing we can play right now is the waiting game.

The damage report

The server issues are frustrating, but Party Animals is now being review-bombed on Steam. Many users are pointing to the server problems, but a more fundamental issue is rearing its ugly head. It seems that even couch co-op requires connectivity to the struggling servers. Even if you plan to play in the same room as your friends, Party Animals isn’t going to work.

Hopefully, this issue will be rectified in the future. It makes no sense for local co-op to require any connection to the internet. Long queue times are frustrating, but hopefully, you’ll find it worth waiting. Check out our glowing review of Party Animals and our guide on the title’s local capabilities when the servers are back online.

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