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How to fix low frame rate and crashing in Once Human

More launch issues?

Like all games, Once Human may suffer from some performance issues such as low frame rates or crashing, but thankfully there are a few things you can try to fix them.

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How to fix Once Human crashing

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There are a few potential fixes if you’re suffering from crashing or any graphical errors while playing Once Human.

First, it would be worth updating your drivers. If you have GeForce Experience installed, you should be able to start installation of Once Human-ready drivers there and then. However, if you prefer to update your graphics drivers, it’ll be worth doing it.

If your drivers are already updated, or if you continue to experience issues, you could try to repair the game client or verify the integrity of your game files.

If you’re on Steam, you can easily verify the integrity of the files by right-clicking on Once Human, going into properties, going into Installed Files, then finally clicking on “Verify integrity of game files.”

If you’re still experiencing crashes, it will be worth disconnecting any special controllers from the device, as they may cause compatibility errors. If you happen to have any pedals or joysticks, or any other non-standard controller, disconnect them.

After all this, if Once Human still crashes, you will want to go to the official Discord for assistance. Head to the Customer Service in the Feedback section and they’ll assist you.

How to fix Once Human low frame rate

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If you’re suffering from low frame rates in Once Human, there are a few things you could try to do to improve the performance.

You’ll want to modify the graphical settings to improve performance and raise the frame rate.

Try the following:

  • Lower the resolution
  • Lower special effects quality
  • Lower texture quality
  • Lower rendering quality
  • Lower any other graphical qualities

You may not have to lower all of these settings for a better frame rate. I would advise that you play around with the settings to see which ones have the best impact on your frame rate. Keep modifying until you strike a balance between the graphical quality and frame rate that you prefer.

This may mean that you only need to sacrifice only one aspect of quality.

Now that you know how to solve these issues, I hope they work out for you. Once you’re in Once Human, you can finally build your base.

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