How to fix ‘One Moment Please’ error in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 One Moment Please Error

The ‘One Moment Please’ message is the toughest foe most Guardians face in Destiny 2. And whenever a new expansion comes around, it’s the thing that every player dreads to see. I know that I hate to see this error pop up on my screen for sure!  Unfortunately, that’s what’s happening to some players in Destiny 2: Lightfall. Sometimes it isn’t there for very long. But when you’ve been sitting looking at this screen for upwards of 30 minutes, it gets old.

In the past, it’s taken hours for some players to finally log into Destiny 2. Obviously, it’s an annoying issue to deal with, especially when you have friends waiting on you. But you’re probably wondering if there’s any way to actually get past this screen besides waiting.

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Can you fix the ‘One Moment Please’ message in Destiny 2?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to get past this screen. The ‘One Moment Please’ message appears because there are too many players logging into Destiny 2 all at once. To keep the game stable, the influx of players has to be slowed down. And the bad news is that you’ll just have to sit and wait until you get through.

This is the case for most expansion releases in other MMOs, too. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker was a great example of this. Back then, too many players tried to log in at once and were met with a very similar error screen. This is just what happens with new expansions and big pieces of content in a lot of online games. But seeing the ‘One Moment Please’ screen is still very annoying for most Destiny 2 players, especially since you can’t simply fix it.

Destiny 2 How To Fix One Moment Please Error

The best advice for this situation is to stick with the game until you finally get through. It may also be a good idea to leave and come back in a few hours when things calm down a bit. That way you can enjoy Destiny 2: Lightfall without the worry of being stopped by the ‘One Moment Please’ screen. It’s clearly a much bigger threat than The Witness, but luckily you can just leave it alone and it’ll get out of your way eventually.

Players should also be aware of a few small issues regarding some of Destiny 2‘s content. For example, some Exotic weapons and armor aren’t acting as they should.  Bungie has detailed this in a short thread on Twitter. These should be fixed relatively soon, though.

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