How to fix pink screen bug in Honkai: Star Rail

Pink Screen Bug In Honkai Star Rail
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Are you wondering how to fix the pink screen bug when playing Honkai: Star Rail? Rest assured that a solution exists to address it, but first, you must understand why it is happening. The pink screen bug is caused by missing textures in your game. When this happens, you will notice a pink screen on the Character screen copy when battling specific enemies or using the sprint button.

How to fix the purple pixel bug in Honkai: Star Rail

Let’s tackle the pink screen glitch issue troubling you while playing Honkai: Star Rail. With our combined efforts, we’ll find a solution quickly! The first step is choosing a fix based on the type of device you are playing on, which changes the steps required to fix the purple pixel bug in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to fix the pink screen bug on mobile devices

If you play Honkai: Star Rail on mobile devices, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Start Honkai: Star Rail
  2. Click the Phone icon
  3. Navigate to the Options gear icon
  4. Select the Other Settings flat squares icon
  5. Change Display Settings from Compatible Mode to Normal Mode
  6. Save and Exit the Settings menu
  7. Restart Honkai: Star Rail

This process has fixed the pink screen and purple pixel issue for most mobile Trailblazers.

How to fix the pink screen bug on PC devices

If you play Honkai: Star Rail on a PC device, ensuring your graphics guard has the latest drivers is best. There have already been several releases by NVIDIA and AMD to address performance issues, so you must make sure your graphics card is fully updated.

  • You can find the latest drivers for NVIDIA’s website using their search tool to find your specific graphics guard.
  • The latest drivers are using their driver storage page on AMD’s website using their driver storage page.

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing Honkai: Star Rail on PC and Android devices.

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