How To Fix The Oil Leak In Under The Waves
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How to fix the oil leak in Under The Waves

Sometimes exploring the ocean means cleaning up its problems, too.

Under The Waves doesn’t waste too much time before things begin to malfunction and go wrong in the ocean. It’s only day two of the game and along with your newfound freedom post-tutorial is the start of missions. One of these is to fix an oil leak occurring nearby, needing you to use both yourself and your little submarine to do the work. Here’s how to fix the oil leak in Under The Waves.

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‘A Small Leak’ mission guide: To fix the oil leak

After checking in with Tim on day 2, the job board is right next to the microphone on the right computer screen. Pressing TAB to open the missions menu when prompted and mousing over to ‘A Small Leak’ lets you press space to track the mission.

UTW Leak Mission

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The leak in question is about 321 meters away from the base. It’s best to take Moon to ensure you don’t run out of oxygen trying to swim to and back manually. It’ll show up on your HUD by the red arrows, but also on the minimap as a red exclamation mark bubble. Thankfully, it’s a quick trip over in Moon to find the leak’s source.

Oil Leak Found

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The game tells you to follow the pipe, but your objective keeps pointing to the leak source. Ignore the red objective and do as instructed and follow the pipe away from the leak.

Oil Leak Cave

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This brings you to a cave in the side of the sea cliff. You’ll need to dismount Moon now, which is F key by default, and swim inside by yourself. You have to press E repeatedly on the door to cave it in, not hold E down.

Oil Leak Door

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There is some coal and plastic to pick up by the entrance and inside, but otherwise swim inside and then land next to the wheel in the center of the cave.

UTW sealing oil

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You’ll be prompted to press E to grab the wheel. What the game doesn’t tell you is you also have to press S three times to actually seal up the leak.

That completes the mission and moves the story forward. Now that you know how to fix the first oil leak in Under The Waves, surely there’ll be no oil spills on your watch… right?

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