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How to fix XDefiant Battlepass not working

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Those who have paid for the XDefiant Battlepass may experience issues with it as it appears not to be active. If you’re having such issues, read on to try and fix it.

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How to fix Battlepass errors for XDefiant

XDefiant has just launched Season One, which comes with a whole new GSK faction and Battlepass. Naturally, this means that it doesn’t work for many.

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This is a standard Ubisoft practice, as Rainbow Six Siege has Battlepass errors at the beginning of every season, so I wouldn’t be worried if I were you. That being said, there are some things you should keep in mind.

The Founder’s Pack doesn’t include the XDefiant Season One Battlepass

If you purchased the Founder’s Pack for XDefiant, you may be disappointed to know that it only included the pre-season Battlepass, not the Season One Battlepass, meaning that you will have to purchase this one separately.

If you’ve bought the Founder’s Pack but not the Season One Battlepass, then you can pay for it if you want it.

Refresh the game

If that isn’t a problem for you, then restarting your game may be the best option. Whilst you’re at it, you can also reset your Wi-Fi and device, as that typically solves things.

With everything reset, check again. Make sure the game is updated. If the Battlepass isn’t working, then there isn’t too much you can do on your end. It would be worth resetting the game every ten minutes, however, as you continue to the next step.


Ubisoft’s Battlepass launches are never smooth. Almost every time, the players who’ve bought the Battlepass will have to wait a little longer before it activates. All you can do, then, is keep resetting the game and waiting.

If over an hour has passed and you’ve still not received your Battlepass, then there is only one last step.

Contact Ubisoft support

You may have to contact Ubisoft Support if enough time has passed and you still aren’t benefiting from the XDefiant Battlepass that you’ve purchased.

They are generally responsive to these sorts of things and should be on higher alert considering the new Season will bring in problems for their players.

After that, all you can do is wait for their response, and they’ll deal with the case accordingly.

Now that you know all the steps to fixing the XDefiant Battlepass issue, you can work toward fixing it and jumping in the game. You may have to repeat these steps for all future new Battlepasses (on any Ubisoft game, honestly). Make sure you have stuttering under control, too, if you’re struggling with it.

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