How to gain support ranks quickly in Fire Emblem Engage

How to gain support ranks quickly in Fire Emblem Engage featured

Fire Emblem Engage offers you almost 40 playable characters to play as. In Fire Emblem however, using the characters in battle isn’t the only way to interact with these characters. Support ranks are another way of getting to know a character outside of the main story, and can even lead to romance. If you’re struggling with how to gain support ranks quickly in Fire Emblem Engage, here’s the guide for you.

How to gain support ranks quickly in Fire Emblem Engage

Gaining support ranks quickly in Fire Emblem Engage is more difficult than it was in the previous game, Three Houses. This is due to the amount of activities and things you can do between missions. The Somniel, while having a few ways to level up quickly, has less to do inside of it compared to Garreg Mach Monastery.

Gaining support ranks in The Somniel

Gift giving

In The Somniel, there are multiple ways to gain support ranks. The first way of doing so is by giving gifts to characters. Giving certain gifts to characters that enjoy those gifts will raise support drastically.

There’s also gifts you can give to anyone in the cast which will raise their support regardless. The gifts that do this are the Spirit Gem and the Pretty Pebble. You can find these gifts by picking them up in The Somniel. The Pretty Pebble is a small support boost, while the Spirit Gem is a large support boost.


In The Somniel, you can also choose to dine with your units. Dining raises support between everyone present at the table. For example, if you brought Yunaka and Diamant, support would increase between Alear and Yunaka, Alear and Diamant, then also Yunaka and Diamant.

The option to dine is available once after every encounter, and you can use the same two units each time, meaning you can grind two units’ support ranks if you need to.

Timerra Fire Emblem Engage

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Another way of gaining support is via the Arena, where you can battle against allies for experience. The problem with grinding support in the Arena, however, is that the enemy you face is random. If the enemy is random, you can’t decide which units are raising support with each other, which is an issue if you’re trying to see certain units’ events.

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Fortune Teller

Fortune-Telling is another way to gain support relatively easily in Fire Emblem Engage, with a catch. When you go to Seadall at night, and he will give you a list of every character to choose from. Choosing a character in this menu will let Seadall read their fortune, which will show who they’re thinking about. The unit that they’re thinking about will be the unit you can gain support quickly with by using them near each other in combat.

This method is great if you happen to land on who you need first try, but if it isn’t who you need, then it’s a bit of bad luck that you can’t do much about. It’s free to check it every evening in The Somniel, but there isn’t a way to control who is thinking about who, therefore it can be a bit of a hassle.

Gaining support in battle

Gaining support in battle is relatively easy on the surface. Each time your unit attacks while adjacent to an ally, they will gain a support boost. It’s as easy as that. You’ll know you’re doing it right when you see a heart visual indicator and a chime, this will mean you’re increasing support between those characters.

There’s also a chance to gain support while healing allies too. This support is only shared between the unit healing, and the unit being healed however. Healing to gain support is an easy way to get it if your units that need support are equipped to heal other units, but if they’re not, it can be more hassle than it’s worth.

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The final way of doing it in battle is a little more… cheesy. Corrin’s Quality Time ability can be used to gain support after waiting or performing an action. This means if you can get a loop up and going, you can grind support via this method. As seen in this video by YouTuber Faerghast, if you use Corrin’s Dragon Vein ability to injure your units, while also having a unit with Corrin’s Quality Time ability inherited surrounded, you can then farm support with those units. It’s situational and hard to pull off without trying, but if you can get it going it’s a great source of support farming.

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