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How to get and plant seeds in Aska

Better get your green thumb ready.

Besides hunting and fishing in Aska, using and farming seeds is just as important. This process has a bunch of moving parts. To make life easier and plant seeds better, this guide will show you how to get and use seeds in Aska.

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Aska: How to get and plant seeds

Getting seeds is fairly easy, it’s just as simple as farming for Firewood. You can get seeds by consuming or harvesting certain resources. You can earn those seeds by eating blueberries, garlic, and other foods you find. If you’re looking to get seeds from resources like flax, you can harvest them, and then you get flax seeds. 

That’s the easy part, planting them requires much more. But after you’ve learned how to do that, you can get an unlimited supply of food and resources

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How to plant seeds

To plant these seeds, you must farm them. You won’t be able to farm until you get a Workshop Pit. This won’t be accessible until you build the Woodcutters and Stonecutter pits. Once you have those two structures built, you’ll earn more options outside of the farmhouse. 

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With the farm built now, you can plant seeds. However, you have to do a few things before that’s done. First, put seeds in the farm if you have any on you. Additionally, there will be seeds in the Gathering Pit if you have one made. After you’ve filled up the farm with seeds, you have to make a crop, which can be done in the farming upgrade menu. When you upgrade the farm, be near it and start making a cropping area for the seeds. 

Next, you’ll need a Rake to plant the seeds. This can be made in the Workshop Pit. For this part, I highly recommend using a villager to do the farming. Planting and growing seeds requires tons of maintenance. For example,  I had to go back every so often to add water to the crop to make sure it grew better.

If you have a villager that farms well, it only makes sense to pick them to do that. Once that’s done, you can keep the food and resource cycle going. However, remember to keep the farm stocked with seeds.

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To combat the performance issues of Aska, consider tweaking some of the settings.

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