Radiolite And Organic Sample Terrarium Destiny 2 Echoes
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How to get and use Organic Specimen and Radiolite Specimen in Destiny 2

Gotta collect 'em all!

Throughout Destiny 2 Episode: Echoes, you’ll be collecting Organic and Radiolite Specimens to help Failsafe with her research. This guide covers what Radiolite and Organic Specimens are, how to use them, and where to find them.

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How to get Organic Specimens in Destiny 2

Organic Specimen Destiny 2
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Organic Specimens are unique items obtained by increasing Failsafe’s Vendor Rank and completing Failsafe Research Triumphs.

There are five Organic Specimens to collect if you want to get your hands on the Semitone Shift ship and make the H.E.L.M. look nice and pretty.

  • Three Organic Specimens are earned by reaching Rank 4, 10, and 16 with Failsafe
  • The More Like Research Bae Triumph awards one Organic Specimen
  • The Mineral Processing Triumph awards the final Organic Specimen

More Like Research Bae requires you to complete all nine of Failsafe’s Research Project quests, offered by the AI herself in the H.E.L.M. You’ll get an Organic Specimen and plenty of praise from Failsafe as your reward.

Mineral Processing is earned by depositing a large number of Radiolite Samples in the Radiolite Bay across from Failsafe. These samples are found while playing the Seasonal activity, Breach Executable, and around Nessus.

How to get Radiolite Specimens in Destiny 2

Radiolite Bay Destiny 2
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Radiolite Specimens are decorative versions of the radiolite samples collected throughout Destiny 2 Episode: Echoes.

You can unlock Radiolite Specimens by achieving Triumphs linked to its respective Radiolite Sample. Each Radilote Sample appears to have two Triumphs; one for collecting a large number of Samples and the other for collecting a rare Sample.

There are fourteen Radiolite Specimens to collect, all of which are required to earn the Museum Curator Triumph, which rewards the Semitone Shift ship I mentioned earlier.

How to get Radiolite Samples

Radiolite Samples are found in the open world during Breach Executable and Echoes activities in Nessus. They’re found in little Vex-like containers and are extracted in the same way as destination materials. You can also find certain Samples during specific missions.

I found that the easiest way to collect Radiolite Samples is by using the Wombo Detector or Combo Detector Ghost mod. This highlights any Radiolite Samples nearby, as well as chests and destination materials. Outside of Breach, Wombo/Combo Detector are super useful mods to have on permanently — especially in Overthrow.

How to use Radiolite and Organic Specimens

Specimen Display Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

While Radiolite and Organic Specimens are the objectives for a ton of Echoes Triumphs, their main purpose to to decorate the H.E.L.M.

On the H.E.L.M., between Failsafe and the War Table, there are research stations with various glass tanks. This is where you deposit Organic and Radiolite Specimens, which will be permanently displayed for you to see every time you load in.

As permanent as things get in the H.E.L.M., at least. Expect your specimens to disappear in a year when the H.E.L.M. becomes repurposed for the next Act, just as our tanks of fish did. Rest in peace, little guys.

While I’m sure you’re busy helping Failsafe on Nessus, don’t forget to revisit the Pale Heart to unlock the Dual Destinies mission and earn the new Exotic Class Item with two Exotic Perks.

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