How to get Aspect of the Alpha in Diablo 4

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Aspects in Diablo 4 can be earned in various ways. If you’re playing on the higher World Tiers, you’ll run into ones available on that level such as the Needflare Aspect. On the other hand, there are dungeons scattered throughout Sanctuary that will award you an Aspect upon completion. For the topic of the Aspect of the Alpha which is used by Druids, acquiring this buff is different. Since it’s harder to find this guide will show how to get the Aspect of the Alpha in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4: How to the get Aspect of the Alpha

The first thing to note about the Aspect of the Alpha is that you can’t get it by just doing dungeons, or playing on harder World Tiers. To have it drop, you must extract it from Legendary Gear. This can time consuming, because every time you break down a Legendary Item at an Occultist, you’ll probably end up with a different Aspect.

A good way to farm high-end Legendaries in Diablo 4 is by doing the more challenging objectives like Nightmare Dungeons, World Events, or moving on to World Tier 3 and 4. There’s quite a lot to do in terms of adding a challenge, so you may run into it without much of an issue. 

How the Aspect of the Alpha works

This is considered an Offensive Aspect, meaning it can go on your weapons, gloves, and jewelry. It’s an interesting enhancement to have because it can turn the Druid’s wolf companions into werewolves. Paring it with Tornado Druid leveling build could make things quite fun. Your wolves at the base level do around 110 percent damage when you send them to an enemy. When they’re in the werewolf form, they do between 75 and 100 percent on top of the base damage. This could be a reason why it’s a harder to come by Aspect. Additionally, the build focus on AoE, and the werewolves spread Rabies as they hit. This causes poison damage. So when you use skills like Hurricane and mix the ongoing poison debuff, you can clear an area quickly. 

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