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How to get Flint in Pax Dei

Flint stones.

With many other players waiting to continue crafting and upgrading their bases in Pax Dei, finding resources in the wild can be particularly difficult. Here is how to get flint in Pax Dei.

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Pax Dei: How to get Flint

Getting flint in Pax Dei will be a mixture of luck and exploration. Let’s start with the latter. Flint are rocks that you can find near rivers and mountains and are lying on the floor waiting for you to pick them up. Depending on the region you have chosen, you will end up walking for a bit and perhaps encountering some wildlife to fight with. Similarly, you will also find clay around these types of areas.

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Be on the lookout for any flint rocks in the ground. These can be easily missed because getting the pickup resource trigger is a bit too precise for my liking. Now, about the luck aspect of resource collection, if you can’t find any flint rocks in the wild, the most probable thing is that other players have already collected them all. I’m not sure how long it takes for these rocks to respawn, but this will force you to travel a bit further away from your plot to find them.

Pax Dei Flint
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Arguably, the best way to find lots of resources in the wild is to pick a less populated area to spawn on or move your plot to someplace else. While the whole idea of the game is to interact with other players, your very early game experience will definitely benefit from you not cannibalizing the other players’ resources and vice versa. If the game allows it and doesn’t make your built items disappear, then you will be able to use flint to craft Flinthead Arrows, Basic Fletching Tools, and many other items that you can find at workbenches.

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