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How to get Flint in Soulmask

Flint is an important crafting resource.

Soulmask is the newest early access survival game to hit Steam, and even though it has a unique setting and theme, it still has the same basic skeleton as other games in the genre. That means you’ll still be mining and gathering resources like Flint as part of the core gameplay loop.

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In addition to crashing issues and other glitches, Soulmask isn’t great at showing new players where to harvest certain materials and resources though, and finding Flint is a huge roadblock for some Soulmask players. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to stock up on Flint once you know where to find it.

Where to Mine Flint in Soulmask

To get Flint in Soulmask, you need a pickaxe. The earliest pickaxe you can craft in Soulmask is the stone pickaxe, which only requires one Branch and five Stone. You’ll need to unlock the blueprint for the stone pickaxe in the Knowledge & Technology menu first.

Once you have a stone pickaxe, approach any rock and start mining it. You’ll receive a mixture of Stone and Flint at random. Flint seems slightly less common than Stone, but you’ll still get a decent amount per rock.

The confusing thing about Flint that is frustrating most people is that the crafting recipe for the stone pickaxe shows both Stone and Flint as ingredients, leading some players to believe that you need both to craft the tool. That’s not the case though, as you can actually use either of the materials to build a stone pickaxe. It takes five Stone or five Flint to craft one; you can use whichever you like.

That’s all you need to know about Flint in Soulmask! As a general rule of thumb, most new resources will require at least one or two Knowledge & Technology upgrades before you can start harvesting them. Don’t forget to upgrade your Mask Nodes, too.

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