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How to get fragments in Blox Fruits

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Blox Fruits is the most popular One Piece inspired Roblox game on the site, and that’s due to the extreme amount of content to get through. When you get to the Second Sea, a new currency will become available: fragments. These fragments are much harder to get than Beli, but you’ll be able to buy much more powerful, rarer, and exciting items with them. If you want to advance far in the game at all, you’ll definitely be needing some fragments under your belt. Here is how to get fragments in Blox Fruits.

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Every way to get fragments in Blox Fruits

There are quite a few ways for you to get fragments in Blox Fruits, so try them all out, then stick with your favorite!

Grinding raids

The most popular method of obtaining fragments is through farming raids and defeating raid bosses. The raid bosses Darkbeard and rip_indra will net you 1,500 fragments, but only if you’ve done at least 10% damage. Cake Prince is slightly easier and will give you 1,000 fragments. Dough King, however, provides a whopping 2,000 fragments after defeat. Those three are the most popular to grind for fragments, so choose the one you can take down the easiest and grind away.

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Fruit raids and ship raids are also other ways of getting a decent source of fragments. A ship raid will only get you a maximum of 200 fragments, but a fruit raid could get you 1,000 fragments, depending on how much time is left in the raid.

Raids are a great way for the community to come together, and they’re a great way to get you some fragments!

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Opening Fragment Chests on Mirage Island

On Mirage Island are fragment chests, which you can open for lots of fragments. This isn’t a reliable method for farming, however, as it is a rare event in the Third Sea that requires you to be on the open waves, with no nearby islands. There is a rare chance, when those conditions are met, that a mirage island will spawn, and you’ll have 15 minutes to make the most of the island. There are advanced dealers there, and during the night, you can perform race awakenings.

How to get Dragon Talon in Blox Fruits

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This is more of a passive way to earn fragments, if you don’t want to keep beating raid bosses.

Defeating a YouTuber?

Funnily enough, you will get 2,500 fragments, alongside 250,000 Beli, upon defeating a player with the YouTuber title. This only works, however, if you get a bounty for that player, and if your levels are roughly the same (or if theirs is higher than yours). This is to prevent players from swarming the poor creators when joining any server.

Other methods

There are a few other methods that players may use to get fragments.

Defeating Sea Beasts will get you 250 fragments. Although they provide low EXP, being able to quickly farm them could prove profitable.

Completing the quest from the Horned Man (found on the Floating Turtle in the Third Sea) will get you some fragments, too.

Defeating Elite Pirates will get you 200 fragments upon kill. Be careful, however, as they are powerful bosses found on only a selection of islands. You can find Elite Pirates in Port Town, Hydra Island, Great Tree, and on the Floating Turtle.

I  hope you enjoyed our guide on farming fragments in Blox Fruits. I hope you spend them wisely! For more Blox Fruit help, visit PC Invasion.


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