How to get free Tempered Vest in DMZ

Warzone 2 Dmz Free Tempered Vest
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There is a brand new Barter system in Warzone 2 DMZ that requires materials in exchange for gear like the Tempered Vest. If you don’t want to hunt down the Tempered Vest recipe, you can do this method to get a free Tempered Vest in DMZ. It won’t be easy, but it is a guaranteed way to get a Tempered Vest.

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Warzone 2 DMZ: How to get the Tempered Vest for free

This method to get a Tempered Vest is only done in Al Mazrah and is much easier to do in a squad. This method of getting a free Tempered Vest (or two) is to find and kill the Pyro Commander.

To find the Pyro Commander, you need to visit the US Embassy located in the center of Al Mazrah City, the Post Office located in the southwest of Al Mazrah City, or the Control Tower located in the South of Al Malik Airport. One of these locations will have the Pyro Commander, and you’ll know because you’ll get a prompt telling you he is nearby.

Warzone 2 Dmz Al Mazrah Free Temperest Vest Locations

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After finding the Pyro Commander, you need to either have a Skeleton Key or the specific key for the US Embassy, Post Office, or Control Tower. With the right key in hand, you can enter the locked area, clear out the enemy AI, and defeat the Pyro Commander. This is a lot easier said than done, so bring a squad if you can.

Once the Pyro Commander is defeated, he will drop at least one but usually two Tempered Vests. And just like that, you got two free Tempered Vests along with a lot of other great gear and collectibles like a Golden Skull. It’s not the easiest method available, but if Tempered Vests aren’t available in the Barter system, then this is a great way to get one.

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