How to get Glide Shirt in Tears of the Kingdom

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom brings many armor sets to the fold with differing benefits. You can get a set that makes you resistant to heat, or even one that makes you resistant to the cold, which can be handy in certain situations. One of the armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom allows you to move more freely while skydiving. Here’s our guide on how to get the Glide Shirt in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to find Glide Shirt in Tears of the Kingdom

The first step to finding yourself the Glide Shirt is to head to the Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower. You can find this to the direct west of Hyrule Castle, but if you need a more detailed location, you can either use these coordinates; -1898, 1241, 0296, or check out the map below.

Tears Of The Kingdom Lindors Brow Skyview Location

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Once you arrive at this Skyview Tower you’re going to need to construct a bridge to get up to it and complete the first step of attaining the Glide Shirt in Tears of the Kingdom. You can do this by using the materials you can find to the south-west of the Skyview Tower.

After you’ve unlocked the Skyview Tower, it’s time to land on a sky island. You should be able to see the sky islands you need to the left of Link as he descends from the location where the Skyview Tower throws you into the air. You’re going to want to land on the island you see below, which is above an odd cylindrical structure.

Tears Of The Kingdom How To Get Glide Shirt Sky Island Landing

This is the sky island you want to land on. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Getting the Glide Shirt

Upon landing on this island, you should see a Zonai mark to interact with, you should interact with this. This will then display a green circle, this is the beginning of a skydiving challenge, and you’re going to want to jump into it to complete this.

Once you complete this, you’ll be rewarded with a shrine, but that’s not what we’re here for. The island you land on houses a Steward Construct, who talks about a diving ceremony, and challenges you to beat a time of 35 seconds to claim a prize. You will need to have a Zonai Charge or two on you to try this, as it requires one Zonai Charge per attempt.

After you complete this course in Tears of the Kingdom, you will receive the Glide Shirt, and be able to move around while Skydiving a lot easier.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for purchase from the Nintendo Store.

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