How to get all ground and flying mounts in Hogwarts Legacy

How To Get Ground Flying Mounts Hogwarts Legacy featured

Over the course of your Hogwarts Legacy playthrough, you will slowly unlock new ways to traverse the open world. Whether it be riding on an animate object, or a living creature, using mounts are much better than walking from place to place. If you want to discover how to get all of the ground and flying mounts in Hogwarts Legacy, keep on reading.

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All Hogwarts Legacy mounts


How To Get Ground Flying Mounts Hogwarts Legacy Broom

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This is the first mount you will unlock during your time playing Hogwarts Legacy. Acquiring a broom is apart of the main quest, around a third of the way through the main story. Once you attend the quest Flying Class and learn how to fly on a broom, you’ll be able to buy one of your own at Hogsmeade. The broom is one of the quickest ways of getting around, especially once you buy upgrades for it.


Hogwarts Legacy Hippogriffs

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Your next eventual mount will be a hippogriff. A few main quests down the line, you’ll be able to complete one called ‘The High Keep,’ which is when you unlock this beautiful beast. With the help of your friend Natty, you infiltrate a castle and set free a large, white hippogriff named Highwing.

Once you finish this quest, you’ll have the ability to summon Highwing from the same menu you can summon your broom. If you purchased the Dark Arts DLC or the Deluxe Edition of Hogwarts Legacy, you will also get the Onyx Hippogriff mount named Caligo.


How To Get Ground Flying Mounts Hogwarts Legacy Thestral

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Speaking of the Deluxe Edition, a part of this Dark Arts pack is a thestral mount. If you didn’t buy this pack or edition, you’ll only be able to tame and breed thestrals, not mount one. This wicked beast named Sepulchria is also readily available as soon as you unlock the hippogriff.


How To Catch Tame Graphorn Beast Hogwarts Legacy Mount

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The final unlockable mount, and the only ground mount in the Standard Edition, is the graphorn. This is available from a pretty late-game main quest called ‘San Bakar’s Trial.’ After completing this trial, as detailed in our other guide, you will gain access to the ferocious graphorn.

While getting all ground and flying mounts in Hogwarts Legacy can be a lengthy process, having access to these methods of transportation make exploring the Highlands an exhilarating experience.

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