Berry Avenue Headless Code (2)
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How to get headless code in Roblox Berry Avenue: Code, explained

What! No head?

Do you know what’s cooler than having a head? Not having a head. That’s right. Now, with this simple code, you can become headless in Roblox Berry Avenue and be the coolest, head-free kid on the block.

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Headless code for Berry Avenue

To become headless, simply open up your Avatar tab on the right of the screen, click the Menu option, and select Equipped. From here, click the import button, enter the code 134082579 into the box, and press add. Your character will now be headless in Berry Avenue.

Berry Avenue Headless Code
Screenshot: PC Invasion

However, you can still wear hats, shades, and other accessories while you have no head. This leaves space for some pretty funny setups being headless in Berry Avenue. Having no head is the way forward; it saves weight and adds so much style to your Berry Avenue RP. You can style it out even further with the r15 idle code too.

There are plenty of great additions to your avatar in Roblox Berry Avenue. However, a few of them actually clash with the default head size and shape.

You can equip makeup and faces on top of the empty head. Being headless in Berry Avenue actually helps a lot of the accessories look better. Give it a try and see what you think. If you find that makeup and other things are clipping through your character, removing your head will actually make all the difference.

How to remove headless in Berry Avenue

If you’re tired of not having a head, you can easily undo the process by heading back into your Menu. From here, simply click on the Headless icon in your Equipped tab, and you will get your head back. Remember, this headless code only works in Berry Avenue.

It is also possible to make a really tiny head for your avatar in Roblox. This is a great idea if you like to play FPS games. The smaller the head, the smaller the target, right? It’s a smaller brain, too, but if you’re playing Roblox, you probably don’t have one.

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