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How to get hipfire kills with an LMG without releasing the trigger in MW3, MWZ

Wait, I can do this?

Some kills in Modern Warfare 3 will leave you scratching your head. In this case, it’s how to get hipfire kills with an LMG in MW3 and MWZ without releasing the trigger. Apparently, it can be done, so follow along.

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MW3: How to get hipfire kills with an LMG without releasing the trigger in MWZ

Getting these kills is not as easy as getting typical Hipfire Clean Kills. It requires you to engage with more than one enemy at a time. When I first attempted these kills, it took me a while to understand how to get them.

The first thing you want to do is look for enemies grouped up. Next, without using ADS, fire at one target and then quickly move over to the next without letting go of the trigger. I recommend using an LMG with good stability and a big magazine. 

How to get hipfire kills with an LMG without releasing the trigger in MW3, MWZ
Image: Activision

This all sounds great on paper because you can just spray and pray while firing away. However, in reality, and from experience, you’re going to be ganged up on if you play too aggressively. So it’s best to try to be out of the enemy’s sight while getting these kills

Best ways to get hipfire kills without releasing the trigger

Much like getting double and triple kills, I highly suggest you play on the Hardcore mode of MW3. Everything is harder, but, on the other hand, getting these types of kills is much faster. Also, in this mode, you can one-shot enemies which might make things slightly easier. Additionally, you can put a large magazine on the LMG. Doing this will require less reloading and more shooting. 

Another strategy you can try is camping in a corner near a door or a hallway. Wait for enemies to run by and then spray. You want to be as close as possible to your targets to get multiple hipfire kills. It’ll be much easier in Modern Warfare Zombies as you can train a big group of enemies together.

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Plus, you’re going to need all the ammo you can have. Remember, you can’t take your finger off the trigger while switching targets. This means a lot of ammo will be shot into the air. To combat this and to have most of your shots land try to incorporate Strafing kills in Modern Warfare 3.

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