How to get Kalash in Atomic Heart – Blueprint location

How To Get Kalash Atomic Heart Blueprint Location

There are a lot of crafting recipes to unlock in Atomic Heart. Obtaining these recipes lets you create powerful weapons, consumables, and ammo to help you on your journey. One of the most desirable recipes to get is the Kalash assault rifle. Here’s how to get the Kalash and find its blueprint location in Atomic Heart.

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Atomic Heart – How to get the Kalash blueprint

Contrary to what some players think, most recipes and blueprints in Atomic Heart don’t have a set spawn. However, there are chests that seem to give an increased drop rate of specific crafting recipes. In the case of the Kalash, this chest can be found in a saferoom found in the Vavilov Complex’s Cold Workshop.

However, it is possible that you will not receive the Kalash recipe from this chest. If you don’t receive the Kalash then you have some more looting to do. This is because the location of the Kalash in Atomic Heart is somewhat random, but you can roughly predict when you’ll get it.

Best Guns And Weapons Atomic Heart Kalash Assault Rifle

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Atomic Heart‘s recipes are received from random chests but the order of the recipes is not random. Instead, the game goes down a preset list. The Kalash is somewhere in the middle of this list following the Pashtet, Ice Cartridge, Adrenaline Cartridge, Pashtet – Blade Flight, and Snowball in that order. If you received any of these recipes recently then you can expect to unlock the Kalash soon.

Although it can be frustrating that you only have limited control over the location of the Kalash in Atomic Heart, there is a positive. This preset list results in you always receiving the crafting recipe for a gun’s ammo soon after unlocking the gun. Once you’ve unlocked the Kalash you will unlock the Kalash Rounds recipe just a few chests later.

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