Best ways to get longshot kills in MW2

How To Get Longshot Kills Mw2 Easy

If you want to get longshot kills in Modern Warfare 2, then you’ve come to the right place. There are certainly a lot of ways to increase the amount of longshot kills you get, and not every way requires a sniper rifle.

I found that the easiest way to get longshot kills in MW2 is to play Ground War, giving you the best opportunity since there are more enemies. On top of that, I recommend building your guns in a way that lowers recoil as much as possible.

These can be some of the trickiest challenges to complete, as not all weapons are suited to long-range engagements. Below I will discuss in further detail how to get longshot kills in Modern Warfare 2 as easily as possible.

Note: Though you don’t need a sniper rifle to get longshot kills, I recommend using our one-shot SPX-80 sniper build to make things easier.

How to get longshot kills in Modern Warfare 2

The two main factors in speeding up getting longshot kills are the game modes you play and the gun builds you use. Some game modes naturally feature more long-range engagements than others making it easier to secure longshot kills. I find that playing fast-paced point-oriented game modes like Hardpoint is great for weapon leveling but less ideal for getting longshot kills.

Play Ground War

Instead, players looking to get longshot kills in Modern Warfare 2 should play Ground War. Ground War is a large-scale 32v32 game mode where two teams fight over five objectives. To accommodate so many players, the maps in Ground War are much larger than regular 6v6 modes, resulting in gunfights often taking place over longer distances. This is fantastic as most kills you get will count as longshot kills.

Build your guns for accuracy

Another useful tip for getting longshot kills in MW2 is to build your guns for accuracy. Since you are trying to kill enemies from long range, it makes sense to build your guns to have as little recoil as possible.

Having low recoil will make it easier to stay on target when engaging from a distance. Attachments that have Recoil Steadiness, Recoil Control, Vertical Recoil, and Aiming Stability listed as pros are especially useful. Mounting your weapon on suitable surfaces works too as this effectively removes all recoil.

Use a scope

Longshot Kills Mw2 Best Attachments No Recoil Build Raal Mg

Though you should be using assault rifles, LMGs, DMRs, and sniper rifles to get longshot kills in MW2, and definitely avoiding shotguns and SMGs, you’ll benefit most when you use a good scope. Every weapon has good scope options after you level it a few times.

I recommend using high-magnification optics like the VLK 4.0. Using iron sights makes securing longshot kills much harder. When you have a high-magnification scope, you get better accuracy on your target and can line up all your shots to bag those longshot kills.

Play on the best maps for longshot kills

Those who don’t enjoy playing Ground War can still get longshot kills in regular 6v6 playlists. Some maps feature long sightlines that are perfect for securing longshot kills. The best regular maps to get longshot kills in MW2 are Crown Raceway, Mercado Las Almas, Santa Sena Border Crossing, Shoot House, and Taraq.

Those are the best pieces of advice to get longshot kills in Modern Warfare 2. If you need to take a break from longshot kills, you can learn how to unlock the ISO 45 SMG in MW2Warzone 2, and DMZ.

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