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How to get more Tiger Seals in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty offers combat to challenge even veteran players. That’s especially true as they first come to terms with the game’s approach to mayhem. Fortunately, they don’t always have to go it alone. An item called the Tiger Seal allows them to summon reinforcements from the nearest battle flag. Here is our guide on how to get more Tiger Seals in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Wo Long – How to get more Tiger Seals

Any time you wish to summon a new ally to fight by your side, you must use a Tiger Seal. The item is not especially common. You could burn through your supply in a hurry if you keep trying to bring help to a boss battle you just can’t seem to win.

The best way to get more Tiger Seals in Wo Long is to avenge other players who have fallen to enemies. Doing so also earns you other rewards, including accolades.

How to get more Tiger Seals in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Death Avenged

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To find enemies that might drop Tiger Seals, look for purple-tinged flags on a regular battlefield. You need to play online in order to see them. When you find one, you can examine it to learn about a player that perished while fighting an enemy in the immediate vicinity. If you offer a Dragon’s Cure Pot, you’ll experience a temporary boost to your morale so you’re in a better position to survive a likely encounter with that same foe. Note that enemies do gain a morale rank after killing another player, so your opponent will be tougher than usual. Sneak up on it and deal a killing blow from behind, if possible.

If you need a lot of Tiger Seals, take regular runs through a familiar area. This lets you know where enemies are more likely to be located, which is helpful. There are some sub battlefields that are ideal for this sort of activity. You can farm Cup of Cordiality in The Uninhibited Heart, for instance, which is also a great location to acquire Tiger Seals. You may rarely find seals dropped as loot, or offered as a reward for clearing missions, but avenging fallen players is the best way to amass a virtual pile of them.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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