How to get Nishina Spacesuit in Starfield

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Bethesda Softworks seems to have put a lot of energy and time into the late game of StarfieldThis is evident due to all the best gear, weapons, and ship parts that start appearing as you get past that midpoint of the game. Like flying class Class B or Class C ships, you need to invest time in Starfield. To get the Nishina spacesuit in the space epic, you need to have sunken quite a bit of time into the game already. If you’re at the point of earning the Nishina spacesuit in Starfield, this guide will run you through it. 

How to get the Nishina spacesuit

Acquiring this experimental spacesuit can only be done when you’ve progressed through the main story. Upon reaching the Entangled mission, which is on the tail end of Starfield’s story, you’ll get hit with a dilemma. When you reach the Nishina lab during the mission, you’ll have the option of saving Rafael or the rest of the NPCs in the lab. After some deliberating with the rather long story mission, you should be able to help both parties survive. When you complete this mission, you’ll be rewarded with the Nishina spacesuit.

A bonus when doing this mission is that if you persuade Ethan enough, he may give you the A-7 Experimental shotgun — which completes the look when using the Nishina spacesuit. On top of that, if you’re running an evil build, this spacesuit could complement that playstyle.

Stats of the suit

The spacesuit falls in the Legendary category. Having above-average physical defense with 137 and 149 for energy damage reduction, it’s clear how important this suit can be. In general, the Nishina spacesuit looks like it can hold its own in almost every firefight you get into. With the 15 thermal, 30 corrosive, and 15 radiation, this suit can withstand quite a lot. So if you’re planning on taking the fight to the enemy, sporting the Nishina spacesuit would be the way to go. 

Starfield is available now on the Xbox Game Store and Game Pass.

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