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One of the key components of Sons of the Forest is the crafting. You craft for the majority of your playtime in the game, whether that be a new weapon, some armor, or even just recharging your flashlight. Another element to crafting included in Sons of the Forest is the 3D Printer, which creates items for you to use in the game. The catch to this system is that the 3D Printer has a finite amount of things it can print before having using all of its Printer Resin. You can however, acquire more Printer Resin, but that also is a finite material. So you may be wondering, how do you get Printer Resin in Sons of the Forest? Well, it’s actually easier than you think.

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Sons of the Forest: How to locate more Printer Resin

Getting Printer Resin in Sons of the Forest is simple as can be. In certain green circle locations on the GPS, you can get Printer Resin. These are mostly the areas that involve going to seemingly modern/futuristic environments. You can find the most Printer Resin in locations where you can also find a 3D Printer. You can see one of the 3D Printers in the game on the map below. This location also has a load of Printer Resin you can use, so we recommend using this 3D Printer. We believe it can also rarely appear in storage units.

Sons Of The Forest 3d Printer Resin Location

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Getting more Printer Resin

This amount is finite, but there are ways you can get around this hurdle. If you’re in co-op, you can actually all acquire and use the Printer Resin that’s there. Meaning that however much Printer Resin is in the location, you can multiply the amount you’re picking up by the amount of players there. But there’s also a cheesier way of getting the Printer Resin.

The way item spawns work in Sons of the Forest is that they respawn every time you reload into the game. This is to avoid the player missing out on things, which is honestly an incredibly appreciated feature for items like Printer Resin. What you can do is set up a save point by building a shelter inside or around the location of the 3D Printer listed above, run in, get the Printer Resin, then run back out, save, quit, reload, and do the same again. Essentially making the Printer Resin an item you can infinitely get in Sons of the Forest.

Sons Of The Forest Printer Resin

Screenshot by PC Invasion

This is the only way to get as much Printer Resin as you want in Sons of the Forest. You don’t need more than the game gives you from personal experience, but in case you do, that method can help you out.

Sons of the Forest is available via Steam.

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