R15 Roblox Berry Avenue
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How to get r15 idle code in Berry Avenue

Stand in style.

If your idle animation is looking a little too static in Roblox Berry Avenue, then you’ll want to import the r15 idle animation.

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What is the r15 idle code in Berry Avenue?

If you already know how to import Roblox catalogue items into Berry Avenue, then you may simply want to know the code so you can get on with it.

The r15 idle code for Berry Avenue is 4211409027.

Import using this code and you’ll receive the idle animation free of charge! Although it can only be used in Berry Avenue.

If you need to know how to import codes like this into Berry Avenue, then don’t worry. Here’s how to do it.

How to import r15 idle code in Berry Avenue

Importing any code like r15 into Roblox Berry Avenue is thankfully pretty easy.

When you load into the game, you’ll need to open the Avatar menu. This can be found on the right of the screen at the top.

In this new menu, you’ll need to click “Menu” at the top left with the three dashes. A smaller menu will drop down. Make sure to select “Equipped.”

Berry Avenue R15 Idle Code
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Now that we’re at the right menu, we can finally go about importing the r15 idle code.

In the top left of this menu, select “Import ID.” A new screen will pop up. Here is where you can type in the ID code from any item from the Roblox Catalogue to Berry Avenue, allowing you to wear things you haven’t bought in the game.

Copy and paste the r15 idle code (4211409027) into the text box and select “Add.” You’ll see it added to your Equipped menu.

If you’re confused, don’t worry. The item is there although it doesn’t have an icon as it’s an idle animation. The empty square represents the r15 idle animation, so select that if you want to unequip it.

You can do this as many times as you want, although if you’re already using it, nothing will happen.

With this equipped, your character will instantly start standing better, and you can really notice the difference if you watch your avatar as you equip it and unequip it.

Now that you know all about importing and equipping r15 idle in Berry Avenue, you can finally add more life to your character when they’re just standing around.

If you really want to take it up a notch, make sure you know how to become headless!

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