How to get Revision Zero exotic pulse rifle in Destiny 2

How to get Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2 feat

There are several ways to get exotic weapons inside Destiny 2. Most of the time, it requires completing complex missions like raids, dungeons, or Nightfall strikes. However, it is all based on luck since there is no guarantee that the exotic will drop. That is where exotic quests come in, since they guarantee a specific exotic after the questline is complete. Revision Zero is the latest to receive an exotic quest, but it will require a few steps to receive and begin. Here is how to get Revision Zero exotic pulse rifle in Destiny 2.

Like Osteo Striga, the exotic SMG, Revision Zero is a craftable exotic. Due to its adaptability, this strong pulse rifle is already praised as an excellent PvE and PvP exotic. Some community members demonstrated Revision Zero’s ability to one-shot Guardians in PvP. It is an exotic you will want to take advantage of.

How to get the Revision Zero exotic pulse rifle in Destiny 2

First, players must complete the first two weeks of the Season of the Seraph questline, More than a Weapon. After starting week three of the questline following a heist, players will receive two questlines from the holo-projected Elsie Bray. One will be Operation: Seraph’s Shield and the exotic quest, The Hidden Shape. The Hidden Shape quest requires the player to complete Operation: Seraph’s Shield, so both will be completed simultaneously. Operation: Seraph’s Shield is a challenging quest, borrowing mechanics from the Deep Stone Crypt raid, but it can be done alone.

Once Operation: Seraph’s Shield is complete, players need to head back to the helm, and there they will receive their Revision Zero from the Exo Frame. However, from here, players will need to extract the Deepsight Resonance and frame their Revision Zero.

Extracting the Deepsight Resonance can be done two ways: players can either dismantle the gun to get, or level up the gun’s attunement level with kills. Afterward, players will head to the Mars enclave and craft their personal Revision Zero. Revision Zero comes with various normal perks, four intrinsic perks, and four unlockable Catalysts. There’s no word yet on obtaining the Catalysts, but players speculate that they will unlock as the season progresses.

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