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Green Hell is a survival game set in the luscious Amazon rainforest. It sets itself apart from other survival games by introducing an in-depth stats mechanic with fats, carbohydrates, protein, and even hydration. This mechanic indicates that food is essential. In desperate times, you’ll most likely eat or encounter a poisonous mushroom or spoiled food. If you had food poisoning in Green Hell, you’d lose nutrients and fluids (vomiting). Eventually, the sickness will disappear, or you can cure it by sleeping it off. Large doses of food poisoning will likely lead to death if the player ignores it. This is how you properly get rid of food poisoning in Green Hell.

Multiple ways to get rid of food poisoning in Green Hell

How To Get Rid Of Food Poisoning In Green Hell Causes

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Food poisoning appears in “stacks.” More stacks indicate the lethality of food poisoning, which can eventually kill you. There are various items that you can consume to reduce the food poisoning stack, and here are all of them:

  • Bone Brew: You can brew a soup using bones in Green Hell, and it cures three stacks of food poisoning after consumption.
  • Charcoal: Similar to real life, charcoal has some benefits when consumed in low quantities, and one of them is cleansing your body from poisoning or even overdosing. Consuming charcoal in Green Hell will completely cure food poisoning at the expense of your sanity.
  • Water Lily: The best thing about water lily is that it’s abundant, especially if you’re near bodies of water. You can consume a water lily (raw) which will clear two stacks of food poisoning.
  • Unknown Herb A: You can get this leaf from Unknown Herb Plant 2. If you eat the leaves, it will clear food poisoning. Be wary of Unknown Herb B (flower of the same plant), as it can induce more food poisoning.

Once you’ve entirely treated your food poisoning, you must replenish your nutrients and fluids by eating healthy food and drinking water. You’ll find it easier to scavenge these items with the improved VR version of Green Hell.

Causes of food poisoning in Green Hell

How To Get Rid Of Food Poisoning In Green Hell Multiple Cure

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If you want to avoid food poisoning in Green Hell entirely, then you need to avoid consuming these items:

  • Spoiled food or consumable
  • Flower form of Monstera Deliciosa
  • Unknown Mushroom 2
  • Uncooked Casava Bulb
  • Uncooked Malanga Bulb
  • Meat from a Poison Dart Frog (cooked/uncooked)
  • Unknown Herb B (flowers from Unknown Herb Plant 2)

You’re all set to combat the harsh nature of food poisoning in Green Hell. If you’re looking for a similar survival game, check out the upcoming Serum.

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