Roblox Recipe Infinite Craft
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How to get Roblox in Infinite Craft

Roblox is everywhere!

You can craft the famous sandbox game Roblox inside another sandbox game, Infinite Craft. Here is everything you need to do to craft Roblox.

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How to make Roblox in Infinite Craft

Roblox Recipe Infinite Craft
Screenshot: PC Invasion

There are a few combinations you can use to craft Roblox in Infinite Craft. But the fastest way to reach Roblox in Infinite Craft is Fortnite + Program. Another alternative recipe you can use to make Roblox is Minecraft + Pay to Win. Both of the mentioned recipes have a relatively short pathway.

Before making Roblox, you must make the other two items first: Fortnite and Program.

How to make Fortnite

Making Fortnite in Infinite Craft might seem a bit tricky as most of the items need to be obtained in a relatively complex way. However, here is the easiest path you can follow to craft Fortnite.

  • Fire + Water = Steam 
  • Fire + Steam = Engine 
  • Engine + Engine = Rocket 
  • Rocket + Rocket = Satellite 
  • Engine + Steam = Train 
  • Rocket + Train = Bullet Train 
  • Bullet Train + Satellite = Internet 
  • Fire + Wind = Smoke 
  • Smoke + Smoke = Cloud 
  • Earth + Wind = Dust 
  • Dust + Water = Mud 
  • Fire + Mud = Brick 
  • Brick + Cloud = Castle 
  • Castle + Internet = Fortnite

How to make Program

Program is easy to make in Infinite Craft and you can do it by mostly using the default elements available to you. Here is the shortest path to reach Program in Infinite Craft.

  • Fire + Water = Steam 
  • Fire + Steam = Engine 
  • Engine + Steam = Train 
  • Earth + Wind = Dust 
  • Dust + Earth = Planet 
  • Fire + Planet = Sun 
  • Fire + Sun = Solar 
  • Planet + Solar = System 
  • Fire + System = Computer 
  • Computer + System = Software 
  • Software + Train = Program

Other ways to make Roblox in Infinite Craft

Besides, Fortnite + Program, there are more ways to reach Roblox in Infinite Craft. Most of them are very long and will require you to make Roblox in the first place. Here are the other combinations that you can use to make Roblox in Infinite Craft.

  • Among Us + Robloxia = Roblox 
  • Creepypasta + Robloxia = Roblox 
  • Athlete + Robloxian = Roblox 
  • Minecraft + Pay2Win = Roblox

You can also craft Minecraft in Infinite Craft and here is a detailed guide on how to craft Minecraft.

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